Im sure Sid Throttle has been following this closely…and rightly so…its of great concern…

It definitely got scarier when US vice pres. Dick Cheney said ‘this will not stand’ - the only way it’s not going ‘to stand’ is the use of military force against Russia (Russia is not going to cave into diplomatic or economic sanctions - in the case of economic sanctions the dice is loaded further to their advantage in that they supply us with large amounts of our gas and oil supply). - Any use of force will quickly escalate into all out war between Nato and Russia - and we all know what that means don’t we? :ermm:

Another hike in interest rates :pinch:

My bike insurance will probably go up too.

Im not exactly mr current affairs but why does America have to get involved with everything? Whenever theres some kind of war, America is involved which then drags us into it all.

they are the world’s policemen.

american values and belief structures are always right


The Americans also lost any moral/ethical credibility in opposing this kind of unlawful action after they invaded Iraq (using falsified intelligence).

Seems strange that, if the initial reports were right, Georgia chose to attack when Russia had all their troops mobilised for a training exercise on the border?

America won’t start war with Russia…they don’t have the money! They’re saving up for all out war with China in 2012*…

*according to some conspiracy theorists…

Russia knew the Georgians were considering military intervention and massed troops to deter them - the Georgians have been cosying up to Nato and the U.S. over the last few years and have sent troops to Iraq - which they feel makes them an ally of the US - they calculated that this was enough to deter Russian counter-intervention in south Ossettia - they were wrong - and in being wrong they have made the world a more dangerous place.

One word … Resources. The USA need’s them , we need them , and we’re not prepared to let any other nation control them, and that includes China. :w00t:

Definately worrying, however, I think that they are adament on flexing their muscles, they are no longer the world’s second (or first) superpower, rather they are sat behind the US and China and i see this as an exercise in that… I don’t think they will ‘tak’ Georgia that would be too radical and I think it would cause too much uproar -

The united states get involved because they 1) see themselves as the world police men, but also 2) because every person in the press asks them their opinion and then reports it…

Too be honest the political games being played at the minute are worrying there is no doubt…but the problem is that a WW would just result in the world obliterating each other with nuclear artillary and i think that regardless of what country it is, they know that the other knows when they’ve fired and they’ll fire back instantly :frowning: Sad state of affairs

I’m sure that MILLIONS of Indians have asked themselves that question more than once…

Britain USED to be the world’s policeman…but they went broke after the Second World War and relinquished the responsibility to the United States, if you’ll remember correctly.

I’d rather keep American money in American…build a nice little socialist utopia under the umbrella of say, British, protection…and then spend all my free time (of which I’ll have plenty as work is completely optional in socialism) bitching about the protection being provided free of charge on my behalf.

(This is sarcasm, by the way…but it’s BEYOND rich to hear someone from England, or any other former colonial power, bitching about ANY country “meddling” in the affairs of another.)