Yes my boss is into his fast cars:pinch:

A container turned up this morning and your not gonna believe what he’s gone and bought now?:w00t:

Nice… I wonder how much his insurance is :Whistling:

Forget the car, look what he’s bought now:w00t:

Dont leave us in suspense…

:w00t::w00t::w00t: A cup of tea and a cake down the hut for anyone that knows what it is “don’t say aeroplane, we know that”

I think its one of those RC planes for rich boys.

I think it’s half an aeroplane.

Wings, Prop & nose cone already removed from the container:w00t:, Daniel, this is not RC:D

looks like one of those red bull stunt planes.

It surely isnt an F4U Corsair…is it?

Well done that man:) i’ve got to go and help him get it out of the container now, i’ll get some more piccys:D

There arent many of those still flying!

Or is it a replica?

Yeah, might be one of those 80% scale jobs…

it’s a replica with an electric starter motor, large scale.

Ha, ha, yep… just spoke to him and it is indeed a replica, it’s started to chuck it down here in Clapham so he can friggin get it off himself:w00t:

What a cheapskate :hehe:

Thats why he can friggin get it off himself:laugh::laugh::laugh:

That’s going to be a bit difficult to take off in south london :smiley:

I’ve just herd a loud bang, i better go out and investigate:w00t::w00t:

Considering the shower that just happened the car must be like a bath now:)))