How the heck can people start sayin charity bands such as the H4H one are offensive cause its against what they beleive in… well dont where one then.

Not seen the whole story so im keeping a little cool but caught breifly on the news that its offensive to anti war protestors, muslims, etc because it goes against their beleifs or whatever… well dont wear one then…

Im off to look into this story…

link it please mate i want to read it aswell

Disagreeing with something doesn’t make people talk about it, saying it offends you does.

The issue is hardly likely to be them not wanting to wear one, it’ll be them not wanting to see other people wear one. The common argument, I’d have thought, is that supporting and glorifying the soldiers in the war does same to the war itself.

lol they should grow up and get over it tbh! :stuck_out_tongue:

The whole ethos behind Help for Heroes and other charities is to show support for the troops that are injured in conflict, both physically and phsychologically, not to show support for the conflict itself!

Anybody who doesn’t want to show support for them has the right to that choice, but to say they are offended by those who choose to do so just shows how narrow minded and stupid they are!
These guys are sent out there to do a job, regardless of their own thoughts/beliefs, and do it so that we have the chance to live in our nice little bubble-wrapped world of 9-5 jobs, coming home to a nice warm bed and enjoying a comfortable life! (And before anyone starts going on about how difficult there life is, imagine spending every day under the constant threat of being shot, blown up, mortared and losing your best mates, for up to 6 months at a time, not knowing when your next shower or hot meal will be! etc…) :angry:

So, feel free to wear a band or not. But don’t try and say that you find the people who fight for your rights and freedoms offensive. Because that’s what it boils down to if you believe it’s offensive to support your troops! :satisfied:

I’d rather support the troops than the bleeding heart liberals who actually think that terrorism would just go away if we pulled the troops out! F**kin idiots, every one of them!

These types of stories are 99% of the time total bull drummed up by the Daily Mail, the 1% of the time they are not bull they are started by extremists to drum up business, saying that “muslims” (as if these f*cktards spoke for all muslims anyway) are upset at Help for Heroes is an easy way to get a kneejerk counter reaction from those who feel rightfully annoyed.

That kneejerk reaction is a great piece of propaganda for these f*cktards to take around showing how much the British actually hate muslims, obviously they don’t include the provocation, they just include the reaction.

I don’t hate all muslims, I just hate f*cktards, and I don’t really care what religion, race, sex, height, weight or shoes you wear.

Isn’t this rather old?

Maybe it’ll surprise those into knee jerk reactions, that it is the command of the Royal Engineers who find it offensive?

or a rant version:

and it’s not just Help for Heroes; the Red Cross goes in for a skewering too:

This is the brave new world guys - where authority; compassion and anything nice about olde Englande is being dismantled brick by brick…welcome to the post-modern whatever…

As for how people can ‘justify’ that H4H are offensive - because the roles of the soldiers are to become trained killers for society (the pacifist argument), or that their role is inherently flawed (the failure of the ‘just war’ argument) or that soldiers aren’t robots - they are grown adults and they make their bed and lie in it - therefore if they choose their career and should accept the consequences (the consequentialist argument) including lasting injury or death; or the government’s argument…which is fail to make any argument at all, and fail to budget for post-traumatic stress services for ex-servicemen; fail to budget for post-war injury rehabilitation for soldiers; or fail to address the rising suicide rates in young male recruits in the army; or fail to provide reintegration support into civilian life after their stint in the army -

which is worse? The Fundamentalist who rationalises why he should not support H4H, or the previous and incumbent government, which fails to support them, relegating them to the status of a ‘charity’, when in fact, they have a ‘duty’ to provide this support, relegated to ‘charity’ status?

Okay im ready to eat my wors and stand corrected if anyone can prove its all bull but here goes…

Im not the only one who saw the story about anti war protesters, some muslims and alikes finding wrist bands such as H4H offensive and the posibility of banning them… let me feed them to my dogs as i find those people offensive… cant find the stoy online so i have no proof but hey who needs proof these days

Dont know where he got this one from but he seems to think its true… Banning England shirts from pubs and stuff? Can anyone shed light on this or is it just a nasty rumour… If it came true id be walking everywhere in one to see if anyon would actualy say anythin then id tell em where to go no matter who it was

Jeez mate I know what you mean. Someone on another forum I go on felt the same way. And the thread got deleted. All this crap about ‘not offending’ people who dont want to look/support/read something and therefore try to ban people supporting something as deserving as our forces in action overseas absolutely fcuking stinks. Shoot and burn the fcuking lot of 'em. And do it in the winter so we can go and warm our hands. There, spoke my mind.

Can confirm the shirts in pub thing is complete tosh mate… was all a big romour

One of the downsides of social networking sites like Facebook. People make pages saying it’s the truth, idiots believe them, the rumors spread like absolute wildfire. Nothing was ever suggested about banning England shirts, as they are in no way offensive to anyone (unless you’re offended by the colours white or red).

  • 1 - guys don’t get the pitch forks and flaming torches out just yet . . . - these sound like the kind of rumours spread by agent provocateurs on the far right designed to stir up trouble this summer - the raw materials for a riot will be there - large numbers of lagered up young men on the streets after world cup games - rumours like this are simply designed to act as a detonator.

Get the facts straight before you go off on one and take care not to get manipulated. :wink:

Yeah did say i wasnt sure about the England shirt one but the whole wrist band thing i caught a clip of an the sky news channel out here so i know that never came from some facebook page. Still cant find the story online though