Just got the estimate in for the repairs to my K5 750.


What do you think the 3rd party’s insurance company is likely to offer?

An apology and market value?

Maybe a cheap buy back or time for a change

A swift kick to his nuts and a bacon butty may help… gutted for ya.

hope you get it sorted.

It would surprise me if its classed as a cat D write off mate.

alls not lost with that though…trust me

wow thats a shed load of repairs! blimey!! good luck.

not to be like a vulture… but you got any trick bits you want to sell off??

maybe, watch this space mate.

Dont’ worry about a being a vulture, i bought a CBR 600 2 weeks ago and a mate is already offering to buy it for a track bike when i crash it - cheeky bugger

Man that is utter bollox. A K5 in mint condition is worth about 5k tops!

Buy back and fix it up.

If you do want to break for bits then let me know, first dibs on the front end

Sorry for you loss dude but Can I get the head light ahem