WTF the yellow thingy ?

There has been a very odd happening over parts of the U.K today, people have been going out and looking to the heavens and panicking at the sight of a very rare and odd yellow orb, police have been heard to say its nothing to worry about just a freak occurance but dont stare at it for too long without a darkened pair of glasses or visor, also if you start to perspire dont panick this is also natural.

Be very careful !! It’s been hanging around Spain almost every day for the entire summer.:smiley:

It’s quite pleasent when you get used to it;)

That yellow thing made me wash the bike and paint the front of my house today.

Has quite the opposite effect with me, it stops me from washing my bike :smiley:

I have not seen the like of it round these parts before - although my Grandfather mentioned seeing something similar over north London in 1951.


Me too John, then I had to take it out for a run, just to make sure everything was still working OK! :wink:

Although I did have a brown trouser moment when the back end stepped out in a big way going around the one-way in Greenwich, hopefully it looked impressive to anyone watching while I was praying I didn’t go down!! :w00t:

It was the first time i washed the bike in nearly 4 months.

For someone who’s always up at the crack of Dawn you don’t seem to have much spare time mate! :stuck_out_tongue:

Or are you trying to tell us you’ve been too busy riding to have time to clean it?!? :wink: :smiley:

have to report it’s here too. It’s about time to

its looking good in the BR area too, although having just woken up after working nights i cant be assed to get out in it, gonna watch the sky + of the quallifiers GP.

In one word Tim YES .