WTF? M25 Wipe Out


As a sociopath I generally avoid having anything to do with people. This situation was caused by my lack of intuition, naivete and too much trust in others, all stemming from ‘mates’ ripping off money, girlfriends and bikes.

Sometimes though, I wonder if something is looking out for me: -

Monday morning heading onto M25 from local dual carriageway, large 3 lane roundabout and I’m heading in lane two to join lane 2 of motorway slip road. I’m sat at lights in front of everything.

Lights change - I go, open up and head toward slip road (dead ahead). Third party car appears from left filter lane (not t/l controlled) but all OK as he filters into lane 1.

There is a slower car in lane 1 and without looking or signalling he veers into lane 2, I brake hard and try to avoid but nowhere to go and he collects me with his front offside wing.

I pin ball to the right into a ‘V’ shaped median area of broken glass and car debris between lane 2 and lane 3 of the r/a and hit the deck.

The flashing lights in my head stop, I finally get the air I’m gasping and extricate myself from half under the bike.

Within a few moments I’m surrounded by five or six people. I manage to get my head together and take off my scarred and scratched crash helmet.

I’m a bit dazed and can’t quite figure out what is happening. As the roaring in my ears stop and the world turns to its usual after-the-party feeling I take it in.

My first concern is to ignore everyone and get the bike on it’s stand - it’s an old friend and doesn’t deserve to be lying in the gutter like a dead dog. With a bit of a struggle I manage it - not too many non-bikers know how to help to pick up a bike, but a passing biker helps…

I then feel the pain in my hand and notice the blood - not too bad, just a throttle hand bash from the controls but enough for something to feel maybe fractured - concentrate on that later…

Now what do all these people want?

1st Person: A nurse on her way to work - gives me the once over with the old ‘can you feel your toes’ routine and checks for concussion - offers ambulance -declined.

2nd Person: Young Lady: Saw everything happy to be a witness. Gave me her name and phone number

3rd Person: Young Guy: Behind me and followed me from lights happy to act as a witness.

4th Person: Young Lady: Took photo of TP Reg No. as he jumped in his car and disappeared.

I’m wondering how to get me and the bike home - no specific rescue cover.

5th Person: Young Lady: Father in Law a biker, lives a mile away. She gets on her phone and he comes over in his car and bike trailer.

6th Person: Biker: Helped to pick up bike and stopped to check all OK.

7th Person: Police officer: Just happened to be passing: Was given Reg No of TP vehicle and checks: Comes back - ‘Uninsured Driver’. He calls accident unit and two minutes later they appear take details and witness statements.

With that done everyone else melts away like characters in a fantasy movie.

8th Person: Is 5th persons Father in Law with car and trailer. The bike is stuck in gear (gearbox leaver and footrest unit smashed off) but he and the Police help to load and I’m home in ten minutes - unload bike and close the garage door.

20 minutes from start to finish.

An hour later - after a clean up and self medicating first aid - I’m at my desk at work wondering what happened.

How did all the right people be in the right place at the right time? Is it part of some big conspiracy - am I being watched and tracked? I’m not dreaming as I have the cuts and bruises to show.

Sometimes people surprise you and maybe, just maybe there’s a little chink of light coming from a small crack between the Bricks in the Wall.


It’s good to hear that people stopped and helped. I hope your hand mends soon and I hope the inevitable insurance bureaucracy isn’t too painful either.


This is so common these days. It seems insurance and licences are treated as optional extras.


3 out of 4 times I had out of duty officers and/or nurses on scene.
Its not as uncommon as you think.


Sounds like you are more likely to encounter an off-duty copper than an insured driver!


Sounds like you may need to contact the mib


Bloody hell @Nike55 that’s a shit deal but my god, what a perfect collection of upstanding citizens. You’re very lucky the bad luck was cut short.

Hope you and your bike heal up soon.


Come to Suffolk, and the plod arent quite as helpful :slight_smile:

Good to hear Jo public was so helpful. Tbf, the couple of times I’ve had (No fault) pranks I’ve also had witnesses approach me with their details.

And I’d presume the driver, if found, would be looking at charges for not stopping?

Edit: Prangs not pranks
Ps. The edit facility is shit.


Nike - I hope you make a full and speedy recovery. I hope the third party is caught and is dealt with severely.



Thanks for the good wishes and kind words.

Motor insurance (and professional Indemnity) claims handler so have some experience dealing with ‘claims companies’

Currently awaiting insurers response (comprehensive cover) so hopefully won’t need to bother MIB - need an engineers report but hopefully the bike is re-buildable.

Injuries limited to sprained right thumb and deep-ish cut (from handlebar controls) left knee cut, bruise and left shoulder bruising.

Despite warm weather I always wear full bike protection … glad I wasn’t wearing T-shirt and jeans like some…

Back in the car at present :frowning:

Still rebuilding other bike …timing sucks