WTF- HOW?????

Reminds me of Tony and how he used to keep his Ducati 999 in his living room. At the top of a tower-block. He used to take it apart and take it up in the lift bit by bit. Loon.

I was going get a crane to put my old r1 in my old front room - 4 th floor with decking all around the outside , even hired the crane then the landlady got wind (someone grassed me up) and suggested it might not be a good idea …it would’ve been glorious for the winter lay up…I got a stern talking too and then she found out about the hot tub that was probably when our relationship really soured, my buddy and I use to share and neither of has/had a sensible bone in our bodies.

Oh to be young and have a bachelor pad again : )

Mates took apart the shop teachers VW Beatle and reassembled it on top of the work shop benches. Did it over the summer break when the teacher left it at the school while he was away.

Owner has probably SORN it, so had to get it off the road. He chose to do that by two stories.

Wouldn’t fancy being the downstairs neighbour