WTF has happened to my Hornet?

Holy f*ck - if it’s take lots of other stuff down with it then to be honest it’s not going to be economical repairing the bike as it’s not worth much.

I guess the only way I will find out is by fitting a new rectifier which means shelling out a few quid . . . :crazy:

on a 14 year old hornet? good one mate…

Ha ha! :smiley: yes - this Hornet is probably worth less than the reg/rectifier which I am gonna have to buy to fix it :smiley:
Thanks for the suggestion anyway Conrad B :wink:

you didnt use BBQ sauce to lube the chain did you?

ps hope its only the reg/rec

No - but I did have some sausages laid out on the valve cover so they would be cooked when I got to the picnic site. :smiley: