WTF has happened to my Hornet?

I had a day off today and rode out on my Hornet to a local beauty spot to do some sunbathing. :cool:

When I arrived at my scenic destination and parked the bike up and switched it off it all went a bit strange.

There was a very high pitched sound (the kind they use to brainwash people with in spy films) accompanied by the smell of barbequing sausages :blink:

The high pitched sound and smell of cooking sausages seemed to be coming from the bike - but this situation seemed so weird and irregular that I found it hard to believe that the noise and smell was coming from the bike - looking around me I noticed that I was parked a few feet away from one of those large green telecoms type boxes - plus there was a van with some workmen nearby doing some kind of electrical work so I thought the noise might be associated with the box and some electrical/telecoms work (the pitch of the sound was so high it was difficult to work out exactly where it was coming from).

Because I was at a beauty spot I decided that the smell of sausages was coming from a nearby picnic. :laugh:

Thinking that I had accounted for the strange phenomena I proceeded to walk into the scenic area and found a quiet spot where I was able to stretch out in the sun and read my book. :satisfied:

After my chillout session I returned to the bike - I switched on the ignition and the starter was turning over really sluggishly - the battery (which is only a couple of months old) has steadily got weaker these last few weeks (in spite of me regularly charging it and testing it) it’s obviously not been getting charged by the bike - so maybe a reg/rectifier issue?

Anyway - I knew that I have got electrical issues with this bike (it is 14 years old after all) and decided I would get to the bottom of it when I got home.

Except I didn’t get home - about 7 miles up the road at about 50 mph the temp gauge started rising and the bike started to lose power - then it went bang and I coasted to a halt at the side of the road.

I got off it and there was the high pitched sound and the smell of burning sausages again! :crazy: so it WAS the bike and not telecoms boxes/picnics!

I couldn’t work out wtf had happened - I hit the starter and it was barely turning over - so I got off of it and running alongside it managed to jump start it - the engine got going but the revs were really low and I ended up kangarooing up the road - the bike felt like it was only running on one cylinder or the gearbox was mashed or something.

So I got off it and lifted the seat - all the fuses were ok - but when i switched the ignition on a buzzing noise started coming out of the turn signal relay box (?!)

Anyway - the rest of the journey was completed on the back of a truck.

Something has obviously started buzzing while burning out and then going kaputt and knocking out a serious and essential portion of the electrical system relating to the engine - still can’t work out what though?

I haven’t checked the main fuse yet.

Can`t help but I feel for you. :ermm:

Could be a leak in the coolant system?

Thanks - a bit of empathy goes a long way :slight_smile:

I going to console myself now with a sausage sandwich :smiley:

I think it’s the electrics mate (no leaks and coolant level is ok) - the battery went down along with the high pitched buzzing from the turn signal box.

mankini caught in rear wheel ?


That doesnt sound like anything i’ve ever heard of before…

Hook it up to a diagnostic computer? If not, it may be worth giving it to Honda and throwing money at it?

could the noise be heat escaping from a sealed battery with a hole in it?

OR, could it be coming out from the fuel cap? my ER5 used to do that, when the petrol got hot, the expanded air in it had to come out the breather nossle and it squeaked.
not sure if this could cause you a fuelling issue? maybe if that breather hose is blocked then there’s a vacuum in the tank so the fuel can’t get to the carbs? that would explain the cutting out and feeling like it was on 1 cylinder.
IF there’s a blockage then if you hear the squeak, just open the fuel cap and listen for a rush of air.

I nominate groovy for an awesome award!

Had you recently filled up? Not that I know much about bikes but it sounds as though it could be contaminated fuel? There is obviously something burning that’s given off the sausage smell and a release of hot air from somewhere.

Thanks for the ideas guys - at the moment I’m thinking electrics but i could be wrong - so other suggestions for the problem are welcome - i’ll take a gander today and see if I can work out what happened.

usually electrics smells like fish not burning sausages? but thats all i can suggest i’m afraid…:ermm:

It could possibly have been a grilled fish smell - but definitely not a fish counter smell :smiley: .

Your rectifier /regulater has failed ! If they die really badley they hiss crackle and pop as they melt also nasty smell of burnt electrics !
It is under the tank at the front on the right

Sorry to hear this, NJ. One thing that might be worth checking is the fan/fan motor, assuming Hornets have those.

I suggest taking the bike to Steve Hallam down here in S Croydon to take a look at - just search “Hallam” on this site for the phone number etc.

I think your right Davespanners - thanks!

Reg/rectifier failure explains the fact that leading up to this the battery wasn’t charging properly - sounds like the reg/rectifier has been on it’s way out for a while and finally died yesterday.

Thanks for the info eezyrida - appreciated :slight_smile:

It definitely hissed and then went pop! :smiley:

sound very similar to a problem i had in europe 2 years ago on my blade.

Is so its you electrifier rectifier it may have blown everything up like it did not mine… coat me a small fortune!! Gaz was with me and we where in Switzerland needles to say i got a bit bent over to the tune of over a grand!!!

Pray its not a big one!!