WSBK starts sunday

A great day of bike racing ahead, if you ignore the occasional program about skiing :smiley:

i got wee in me pants just thinking about wsbk

baffles out revs up lets go!

Can’t wait.

Also can’t believe how well Tom Sykes has gone in pre season testing…Hope you can convert the speed into more podiums and wins.

i`m well excited about this too. ooh ooh mr peevley!!!

Sh!t start to the season RIP Oscar McIntyre :angry:

Is it just me or are the on-screen graphics ridiculously small this season??

i’m glad i wasn’t the only squinting to read them…

looking forward to some great races between Biaggi & Checa this year :slight_smile:

Its impossible to read the numbers … even on the grid formation… I haven’t got a huge telly, but its perfectly adequate and I was really struggling to make ANY of the numbers out at all…

Good race. Love him or (like a few) hate him, that Biaggi can ride.