WSBK Donington pictures

Hi All, Just a few of my pics from a great but wet weekend at Donington. .

Hope you like them. . Any thoughts, comments or suggestions welcome. .

Lets start with the wet wildcards. .

Race 1 winner Troy Bayliss

Race 2 winner Kiyo. .

The battle for the lead in the supersport . .

From the morning warm up. .

Cal giving it the beans. .

Great photos Jewson! You survived the rain then! Our Andrew is complaining badly about overly-wet Canon gear. Ooops.

I don’t know how those guys do it. Even on full-wets, the last time I went round Donington in the wet, it felt like ice. I hate it.

even though it was wet there was awsome racing!!

had a good ride back too!!

nice pics mate

Thanks for the comments Jay, The rain wasnt a problem. . me and my kit stayed nice and dry. . Full set of waterproof’s. . :wink:

I know what you mean about the racing. . still cant believe the speed’s that they were doing. . Kiyo in the wet. . pure genius. .

superb pictures mate , i love the one of kiyo leaving the trail behind him

get that knee down:D

cal on the gas picture… beautiful, lovely work. :wink:

:w00t::w00t: Awesome photo’s Dude!!! All those Honda shots make me go weak at the thighs, i mean knees :P:P

Would love to have been at FireBlade 2 track day that you guys had, bit far tho’ from Cape Town