WSB - what is going on?

Warm Up red flagged!

Toseland has high sided in warm up. Collided with Marek Svoboda. Ripped the engine casing off his bike and didn’t know. Oil on back wheel and away he went. Frantic action trying to get the spare bike ready now.

Then its red flagged again. Pawel Szkopek’s Ducati has blown its engine and dumped more oil on the track.

I missed the racing looks like ill have to catch it at 17:00 sounds nutz

Missed this! Was away for the weekend, turned it on at 11am to watch race one, and was wondering why they didn’t show JT’s incident? Props to the guy for getting back on form after that. Great race, carnage on the first lap! Didn’t get to see the second race due to travelling home!