WSB - Sunday 6th August

Hmm, have left it late so cannot get ticket over internet - so will be paying fortune on the door; as weather is looking good will be there - anyone else going from the East London 'ish side - perhaps meet up and ride down?

BIGSV - what time yer leaving to get there - riding or driving??

Going from Dartford, hoping to get in a sneaky way to avoid a lot of the traffic.

check out ebay - i got tickets for me and my girl this morning for entry, paddock and grandstand seat for less than retail

driving down as no bike tho

chufster - what time do you have to rock up before it starts getting silly on the roads in the area?

Hey all

I will be going, not sure of the time, but as weather is likely to be good I will be riding.

Jonny Bravo… gonna be early mate. Having said that, I dont think last year was too bad for cars, getting out is more the problem.

Will look on the events schedule and get back to you on a time.

If we cant meet up on route… maybe meet at brands somewhere?

Chuffster… we spoken before… elsewhere… you compete on an sv650 with GSX fairing???

If going by car its a nightmare to get out, they let the bikes go first & last year was queuing for over an hour to get out in the heat! not doing that again…defo go by bike

I am aiming to be there by 08:30 subject to her ladyship getting up and moving of course. Will be two up on one bike. Going to look at a map tonight, may have found a back route in to avoid most of the traffic, will let you know.

And BigSV, yep, I race an SV650 in full Gixxer 1000 K3 bodywork. Cunningly painted in Lime green and black, Kwaka looking

Chuffster - let us know which way maybe we could all meet up BigSV your Dartford ish aren’t you? I will be coming from Chingford so could whizz round M25 first then take yer backroands Chuffster. Keep us informed.

By the way - you cannot replicate a Kwak - we are unique!!

kwaked up. I would be joining at jnct 30… lakeside turnoff of the M25… north of river.

Chuffster, I was at the A1GP last year, was packed, I went a different route home and I ended up at the A206 (I think) jnct with the M25, was a nice route involving country roads and town riding… will have a look see if I can retrace my steps.

Hey BigSV - well me lady says fine I can play out on Sunday - Yippee - no problems hooking up - can be round to Junc 30 in around 20mins. Saw a load of bikers meeting just before the bridge in a little run off area the other week - think its where the wide lorries meet “them there critters with the gatzos” to get escorted over the bridge!

It looks a bit like a layby off to the left just before the bridge - could meet ya there fella - what time you thinking of leaving???

Well I checked the map last night, think I have it sussed. Should come out right where one of the car parks is.

Cheeky moo!

I’ll be ready, don’t panic Captain Mannering.

Some one was selling tickets on here a few days back

oooooooooo the ole back route eh!

kwaked-up and anyone else, yeah am up for meeting, not entirely sure where this layby is, and if I overshoot it, there’s no turning back!!!

I dont know how well you know lakeside, but turn off for it and there are some services… near the tescos.

Dont know about a time yet, but can meet there if you like? The esso in the services, or actually at the tescos… right by the golden arches?

And anyone else who’s up for it?

Kwaked up, BigSV and anyone else who’s going…

Suggest meeting at 8am at the Dartford Hilton as it’s an easy landmark to spot - it’s the hotel just over the Dartford Bridge. How does that grab you? Then we can show you the back route which sneakily bypasses the main roads to Brands Hatch and appears by the paddock entrance.

I am thinking of doing a practice run tonight to gauge timings etc.

Sounds like a plan to me!!!

Have used that entrance before for the A1 GP last year.

Might be going for qualifying tomorrow, havent decided yet.

Hey Firestorm, cheers, i’ll be there at 8am Sunday then unless your test yields a problem and we need to change the meet time… looking forward to this my first live attendance at a WSB/BSB or GP event :slight_smile:

That means I shall be in attendance as well. Look forward to seeing a few of you Sunday.

I have somehow managed to get these

I will struggle

you lucky devil; hopsitality tickets indeed. I will be with the rest of the lemmings sat on my derierre on the grass!