WSB Starts Sat

EuroSports 2 on Sat:

8.30 am Season preview
9-12 Race


U mean Eurosport 2 at 9 tom

Yup. that’s the one

8.30 if you want the roundup show as well

Hey Minimo’ nice meeting last night!.

I was starting my bike to get home after work when I was approached by this chap who said to me hey you are CaptMoto, I thought here we go! wait for the headbutt! or the knucke duster in my face, I said yeah that’s me, who are you? he said I am minimo from LondonBikers!! oh ok!! big grin on our face, hand shake, and that, then I think you said see you on friday?? what’s on on friday? cause I haven’t heard of anything…

like i said nice meeting the first person from londonbikers


LOL. Thought you looked scared

Recognised the pigeon spikes and thought, mmmm I know those

Nice to meet you too mate.

BTW I said ride safe, but will probably see you there a fair bit as it’s next to my gym.

Well that was some race to kick off the season…

More of that please…


Ah mate what a race. Got VIP for Silverstone and just getting why too excited now!

Second race here we come (Sky + )

Dammit, gotta wait until Monday for Brit Eurosport. Bleedin winter olympics - HOW MUCH ICE SKATING AND SLEDGING DO WE NEED???

Mate, you’l never guess what… No I wouldn’t

The rest of you ‘flash Harry’s’ with pukka sat/cable kit, don’t spoil it for the rest of us.