WSB ROUND 1 - Tomorrow!

Don’t forget, because the first round of the 2007 World Superbikes season is in Qatar, and because all public events are banned on Sundays (religion), the race is on a Saturday; tomorrow!

British Eurosport, 8.15am

Don’t forget it, don’t have a lay-in, don’t miss it, it’s going to be a belter! Troy Corser got superpole on his new R1, Max Biaggi got the second place start despite never raced a production bike before, never ridden the GSXR before a couple of months ago and never having done a Superpole lap before! Brit James Toseland in third and then 2006 Champion Troy Bayliss on the second row a whole second behind on the sheets.

Who are you gunning for!??!

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Count me in…and count me amongst the Suzuki fans.

It’s been a long, hard winter…and I’m BEYOND ready for the racing season to get underway!

Thanks Jay…I thought it would be on a Sunday…Is it gonna be on normal telly too?

Top tip!

If you haven’t got eurospurt at home, and say for instance you’ve been banned from yer mates house for having sex with his cat or something; and maybe you’ve not got the option of being away on business and making bloody sure the hotel has wsb coverage ( )…

Suzuki dealers are launching the 07 GSXR1000 tomorrow, a lot of them are kitting up to show the bike racing.

Details on the suzuki UK web site.

There’s a draw to win a bike too!

Wicked stuff! Something other than ski-ing & Tennis on Eurosport at last! I’ll be up to watch that

You can enter the competition online, as I already have, though they don’t draw the winners until NEC at the end of the year, buggers! Afro, no idea, check the tv listings (link above you numpty!).

Greg, what time is it on for you?

oh yes!can anyone tell I’m excited?

WSB has always been shown on British Eurosport.

GP test highlight from Jerez at 6.30 on Sunday too

I’m signed up for that but be warned not all of them show it so I’m going in between races just in case!

I’m not sure…I’ll have to get home tonight and get it all sorted out…I’m sure it will be at “jesus I don’t want to be up at this hour: thirty” like usual.

Late edit…

8:15 am “your” time is 2:15 am “my” time…2 am wake up calls to watch motorcycle racing is what seperates the men from the boys though, right? LOL

I think its gonna be an amazing WSBK year, Max is back !!

JT all the way! This boy deserves it!!! IMO devastating in his first year at an underperforming honda, just needs to get the consitancy and wins.

Am sure i get payperview on eurosport, am at my suzuki dealership anyway, but dont know if it’s on.

Cracking video

Jay - I just noticed, in your first post.

Public events are not banned on Sundays. They couldn’t give a toss about Sundays in fact. The weekend out there is Thursdays and Fridays.

I think they run the races on the Saturdays so you only have to add one day to your weekend to be there (hardly anyone goes anyway).

with pay per view I thought Eurosport was only available fromsomething like 12am-12pm. Totally rubbish.

Toseland does it in the 2nd race, but Biaggi looking good!!
Great racing!!
Can’t wait for Phillip Island!!

Fantastic racing, so pleased for Toseland and all the sweeter as he`s a Brit.

The last lap of the supersport race was mental, with Riba, foret and Harms swapping places several times not in the same lap but in the same corner

Yup well done james…

And what about max? that guy can ride… no matter what you think of him to win first time out in world SBK fair play to the fella.\

And its a gixer!!

Is it just me or does toslands bike look like someones made a bad job of a track day fairing…

looks a bit ruff realy

Pop quiz - What rider won his first 500cc GP and his first WSB race?

OK…I’ve gotta give credit where credit is due…

Hats off to Max for taking victory his first time out on the Suzuki WSB ride…amazing performance.