WSB-rep K5 gets destroyed

I don’t know if anyone remembers this chaps bike, I posted up a picture of it recently, and there’s a chance we may get a full article of how it was built and why. The owner, Mark, spent thousands on it, only recently adding some extremely trick BST carbon-fiber wheels (£2k a pair!), well the unthinkable has happened and it’s been destroyed at a trackday recently at Donnginton circuit. I’m gutted for the bloke, I know what it feels like to build something special and to throw it down the track, but to destroy it… well, I can only imagine!

Here’s some pictures, taken from:




WOW! That looks painful jay!

Hope will be back on ‘another’ bike soon mate!

what a shame it looked like a very nice bike by the way did the frame break ?

No, the frame is fine, though the subframe broke, presumably it flipped over a few times. The owner is repairing it right now, can you believe? Dedicated biker

ouch. Now that looks expensive. Just replacing all that ‘trick’ stuffs gonna set him back a bit.

Must be loaded.

Sure looked like a very expensive and lovely piece of kit. Glad rider ok, thats the most important thing. Looks like it will take a while to repair that. Good luck to the chap.

WoW what a cracking looking bike.

Well was

Damn shame; bloody nice bike it’s gonna cost a bit… must find out what job OGM has.

I hope hes ok, anymore pics of the bike before crash.

Wow, bike must have tumbled a few, glad the guy is fine machines can be replced/rebuilt and I am sure he will…good luck to him.