WSB R1 Naked

Tasty R1 eh? I can’t believe some of the photos we run on the news pages.


From the WSB coverage:

thats mental Jay love it

Is it a computer graphics or really transparent plastics?

Photochop my friend.

Take 2 identical photos, 1 with fairings and 1 without. Merge together in photoshop.

Job’s a good 'un!!!

Interesting they’re running KYB forks, not Ohlins.

Good spot Vegas. This is the satellite Yamaha team bike, not the full-factory Santanda Yamaha Motor Italia team one.

I think Haga’s Santanda bike is the best looking in the paddock. I’m surprised we don’t have any reps in the community.

Not everything is done on computers. Could have been done with an airbrush.

It’s Shinichi’s bike. I’m not completely sure that he is a real satellite. Not sure where he’s getting the money from and Yamaha do like to fund there own boys.

Here’s Haga’s see-through bike

It make Shinichi’s look like a tricked up road bike :wink:

Makes my eyes go funny.


Look at the size of the tank… compared to the size of the tank cover! :w00t:

The black box to the front is the air-box, not the fuel tank, the tank goes in the space near the riders nuts.

Looking forward to seeing the same thing on the new R1!

So I take it the tank is non-existant in that photo?