WSB Pictures from Thursday online!

Full gallery:

I thought Cezar would like this one:

I really want some of these!

Foxy really wants one of these (K6 750):

Mini Mo might like this:
(I think they’re trying to work out which one stands a better chance of not breaking)

Plus many more, go and have a look!

They’ll still win… cheeky bugger

Great shots guys. Just can’t contain the excitement anymore

See you there

HOW GREAT! You boys get used to that flag! lol Great job Jay and Tasha

Superb coverage Jay and Tasha, nice one.
BTW what are those handlbars on the tank for?

Are the bars on the tank for a pillion? like the ducati two seater?

Yes! They’re for a two-up ride. We’re trying to find the owner

Owner of what?

Kool snaps Foxy

Lifes not fair