WSB Magny Cours - **SPOILER**

What a 1st race -thought JTwas out, his ability to keep the bike up on the gravel at that speed was awesome.:cool:

Hopefully enough points gained, and a good (hope win) 2nd race for JT should see him getting 2nd Championship title.:smiley:

Roll on race 2!!

any news as i havent got eurosport :crying:

Nori takes win in 2nd race, JT gets 6th and wins title!!

JT settled for place rather then fighting, but did what was necessary

Great racing from other guys especially Nieto to get 3rd for the green meanies!!

Well done JT

Onwards for 2008 n MotoGP!!

Dunno what’s goin’ on, can’t even delete the extra posts??!!??

Deleted for you Grim :wink:


Haga should’ve been champion finally :angry:

Cheers Grim,

Afro, no point boo hoo-ing it - he didn’t score enough points again. Personally would have been happy to see him win, but have to score points all year, and he didn’t do enough.

Notice he had some cuts to his face today? He was trying to jump on Yukio Kagayama, who was bent over…missed him and went face first into the ground - top bloke, this was the day before…

I do think he’s a great bloke, but didn’t do enough this season to see off Toseland, who happens to come from a city near my home, so always gonna support him - even if not on a green machine.

Maybe it was his last best chance, as Ducati are so gonna spank everyone’s arse next season with the 1098 derived bike.

I’m with you there mate!

He rode like he had wings today eh?:slight_smile:

I don’t know where JT keeps his balls, but it’s not between his legs, they’re just too god-damned big!!!

I read the Ducatis were having some problems and the 1098 was not gonna be as all conquering as expected…Maybe Ducati are just spreading some FUD.

Let’s see what Toseland can do in MotoGP.


would be pleased if Nori can do it next season, but I reckon those Ducati’s are gonna blow everyone else into the wind (probs or not)

Next season is going to be great - and we still have an exciting finale to the BSB. Am just catching up on last season’s BSB championship - was there at 1st and last rounds at Brands…

I know unlikely, but still wish Leon can do it - he was sooo close last season.

I’ve been reading of Ducati’s problems with the new 1200(ish) engine too. There is a limit to how fast you can chuck big pistons about inside an engine. Maybe they have reached the optimum engine size in 1098? Then again you know how devious these latins are. I have no doubt they will pull a bunny out of the hat just in time:)I know we have seen WSB riders came and go in MotoGP without much success but I do think JT stands a good chance as these new 800’s seem to be less of a fire breathing beast than previous 500’s and 990’s.:slight_smile:

Toseland in MotoGP = Some bruised GP riders!!

Think he would have faired better on a 990 with less corner speed IMO…

All the riders that have come from a superbike background where you blast up to a corner, then almost take the corner by squaring it off from turning on the brakes, they’ve struggled on these 800 bikes where they turn in quicker and carry much more speed through the corner.

Don’t really fancy JTs chances…He’s on the M1 and he’s not as good as Rossi and hasn’t got the experience of Edwards…Top 10 finish would be hopeful…

But then look at Casey last year…Who knows.

The advantage ducati have with the 1098R is they have Bayliss to ride it. :slight_smile:

I do hope so.

Vermulen I think has proved that a WSB rider can cut it in motogp. only hope the tech 3 isnt completely inferior to the rest, JT deserves more.

Fairplay, Vermeulen has been great on the GSV-R this year

I think JT will need a bit of time to settle in. I hope his new team allow him this.

The 800CC bikes require a bit of a different touch to a superbike.

However, I agree that JT takes the same potential as Vermin with him.

Well he did follow the same route - riding a Ten Kate Honda…

in fact if Vermin hadn’t gone to Suzuki, JT may not have had a competitive ride for the past 2 years. Remember he was binned by Ducati, one season after winning the World Chmpionship for them (ungrateful gits!) Sure that was another motivator to win the title again this season!

The Tech 3 bike will not be as competitive as full factory bike (is it confirmed what tyres he’s on?). JT will have an uphill struggle to get consistent top 10 results - happy to be proved wrong!

In mean time we can cheer on Chas Davies in the final MotoGP rounds!

Role on 2008!

I recon the riding style on a 800 MotoGP is probably closer to that of a 600 and Vermeulan was the daddy of Supersports with Ten kate. JT was never that impressive on the Castrol Honda 600 was he?:w00t:

I really hope whoever is responsible for Bradley Smith’s future career prospects pushes him hard as I think he’s the closest we have to a British GP champion.

Plus he’s such a polite chap :laugh: …But he needs to be more aggressive.

Actually, what’s the name of that other guy that hasn’t got the factory ride like Bradley but isn’t doing too bad. BBC MotoGP squad normally interview him along side Bradley. He’s quite short and sounds like a proper east ender.

I dunno what it is, but to me there’s something about him that seems like he could be one to watch.