WSB Gallery - a question of taste

Alright folks, your help please.

I’m sitting sorting images from the weekend and of course I have loads of Craig. But I don’t know what to do re the gallery.

So, should it be

a) no images of him at all
b) one image as a tribute
c) carry on as normal so there’ll be a few.

b) is my opinion but let’s pretend it’s a democracy. The kinda thing I’m thinking about would be like this

Just my opinion carry on as normal.He loved his racing and I wouldnt have thought he would have wanted just one picture of him.

Share the best you have got of all of him, as that way it hightlights so many good things about him.

R.I.P. Fella.

pic the best shots you have of craig, just a few,
it will show him at his best, doing what he loved…i’d like to think he left this world doing something he truely loved.

it’s a difficult one. Judging by the Fred comments you aint going to plese everyone.I’d like to see the pictures up myself. The one you did for Ollie was very special.

both B & C would seem appropriate
carry on and compile it as normal but also maybe a nice action shot of him racing in memoriam, to honor his chosen profession and his passing

I agree with Chunks…

I too have quite a few of Craig and they are quite hard to look at but I think you should post up everything except any of him post accident of course

andrew&7, do you have any decent pics of Bomber Harris’ new helmet?

I say option C - carry on as normal. These racers are admired, and worshipped in some cases. Their efforts are brave and daring. I think it would be a disservice to restrict the posting of pictures considering the ultimate cost he has just paid for his own aspirations and our entertainment.

I think it would be wholly appropriate to tribute this weekend’s galleries to Craig. He should be applauded for his racing and all he has achieved. Make this as much a reason to celebrate him as it is to mourn over.

I’d say carry on as normal. Not images of the crash, obviously - that would be in extremely poor taste - but he took part in the race, and he should be shown in it.

It was what he loved to do, after all…

C … Carry on as normal, show us in pictures why he was such a budding young star in the sport he loved. Photos leave an everlasting memory, he was a good’en making his way to the top so cruelly taken away.

C - carry on as normal. Great guy and great rider.

I thin it would be lovely to dedicate this weekend’s gallery to him :slight_smile:

Carry on as normal, was obviously a talented young lad so would be good to see him doing what he loved best, would agree with what other people say about crash pics though, def a no no!

I’m with the majority, carry on as normal but no crash photos.

cool, alright well it’ll be a while before I decide but © appears the rule at the mo.

And I have no crash pics so no worries there.

Definitely C option…I’d love to see him doing what he loved.

my tuppence worth would be carry on as normal, do some sort of tribute to him doing what he loved, which was racing hard but fair

I hope so :slight_smile:

Option C, for sure - Craig wouldn’t want his racing to go un-noticed, especially photos of a race he was so clearly enjoying!

We should celebrate the racer we had in Craig, albeit he was only here for a short while. We all know the risks and do it anyhow, because we have a passion for/addiction to the sport.

Quite often the family of friends I have lost through racing have found it comforting to have collections of photos of their loved ones racing given to them. Perhaps you could find out through Gabs whether Craig’s family would like an album of those you have.


Great idea hon - I will put it forward at an appropriate time… If that’s what you want to do A?For now, I agree, carry on as normal. Nice of you to be so sensitive about it, A&7 x

Not sure I’ve enough tbh, I’ve looked through the Supersport and have mebbe 3 or 4 so an album would be a thin one for sure. There’ll be far more guys who have shot the year’s WSB who’d be in a better position than me to compile a tribute album.

Once the gallery is done I’ll have a think about more.

c mate :slight_smile:

im totaly gutted about this been following his racing so would still love to see him in action.

could even have a photo where we could leave best wish for his family.