WSB Brands weekend picture

A bit delayed (had to go to France) but after a disappointing day at qualifying (photographically speaking) I finally found this one that I was pleased with, of Troy Bayliss at Druids…

Then I saw Jay’s fabulous pictures and I realise I still have a lot to learn :frowning:

Great pic:D anymore???

Thank you :smiley: , few more here

also visible via flickr londonbikers group

but so far I’ve had very little time to go through the 600 odd I took, and as far as I can tell only a handful are even close to sharp enough to publish. Was a very disappointing day from that point of view. Will post more if I find them and have time.

thats a good photo, was that taken inside of druids,?its a shame when you do a trackday @ brands the pro photographers dont take pics from in there they would get some very intresting shots.

i would of liked an inside picture of this