WSB @ Brands - Sunday #1 Pics!

The gallery has been up all of today, but nobody has looked!?

Many more, go look!

the pics are awesome mate, great work

by the way, first glance on the tommy hill pic, i thought the girl to his right was wearing a split skirt…

I looked yesterday Jay, just didn’t zoom into them as was too busy at work. Flicked through the gallery!

Great pics, great day!

JB, hehe The picture was messed up, the only way I could make it work was via black & white, has a good effect I think. It was too good a shot of him gurning to throw away I thought.

Had a look at these and the #2 pics

brilliantly shot Jay…

Great moments captured again Jay, much enjoyed.
The pics of the riders going into Surtees came out really well, particularly Haga. He looked so good and relaxed on the bike. Pleased for him
to get a win in the second race, he earned it and the fans love him.

Aye, watching him was great, I love to see Haga ride, he’s a complete nutter! Tiny as well, but man, he’s like a pitball terrior!