WSB - Brands - 4th, 5th, 6th August ??

Anyone else going ??

I’ll be there all three days.

I also have 3 spare FRIDAY ONLY tickets if anyone wants to come and watch practice.

PM me a number and I’ll sort posting them out …


Foxy and I will be there mate, covering the event. Looking forward to it!

Got my dirt cheap tickets for the Sunday - will be there for the racing, can’t make testing unfortunately.

I will be there on the sunday, possibly the saturday, have a half day on friday, so might take a mosey on down there.

Jay… you going to be on the infield amoungst the paddock?

We’ll be everywhere. Look out for guy in LB t-shirt, with LB waistcoat, camera and look of confusion and lostness on his face.

thats how i spotted you …

good to see ou mate

Cheers again Dibble, was good to meet you and yer mates. anything I can do for you, let me know. (Unless it involves riding real fast on someone else’s 675 LoL )