WSB 6th Aug - Thankyou

Hey Chuffster, Firestorm and BigSV,

Many thanks for the shortcut and parking at WSB today; and for the company…great to meet you all see ya at the next meet…Cubana, Blackheath or rideout. TTFN. Oh, and count me in for the next race meet…BSB or Club - Wales is a bit far for the day but I’ll be at Brands for September cheering

good to meet you too, and also BIGSV.

Happy Birthday for Thursday, Kwak! enjoy your week off work…rub it in why don’t you!

Good luck with yer first aid - hopefully you will not have to put it to good use

all I got from the blokes at work last time was ‘did you have to practice mouth to mouth…’.

and I’m thinking, yes I did, on a rubber mannequin called ResussiAnnie!

Just for you firestorm… or try this full size one… or failing that maybe the attachment…



Aye, great day yesterday, great weather, great racing, great company… oh, managed to catch you slow coaches up… either that or it was a shortcut…

Top company and a top days racing and entertainment. Shame about the commentary!

Commentary, I thought it was a history lesson.

Yep managed to sleep much better knowing Frankie’s number changed twice during his career!