Write some lyrics for me.

You a bit poetic? Wanna write something that could be made into a toon?

I have writers block, and thought maybe if someone wrote some lyrics I could write some music for them. I don’t do lyrics, but I could use the rhythm to write some music. Could be fun.

Anyone interested?


What sort of music?

I’m bored out of my a$$

Work is stressing me

My clients are angry

I may crash my car on the way home so I don’t have to come in tomorrow.

lol, I like them Joby! :smiley:

LIM- erm… in the style I usually write I guess… classical mixed up with rock/metal.


Want to give us a theme to hang them on?

Fantasy novels? Monsters/heros/adventure/animals… Do anything for ya?


Fantasy novels, eh? Tricky to do without sounding daft! :smiley:

Again I’m at work…

My guv is a jerk,

I need to get paid…

So I can get laid…

PM Sent… :slight_smile:

Elephant and Castle Roundabout

This roundabout is South London’s


Boris Bikes should not Be

Allowed to

Use it.

Motorcycles must be given

Right of Way and

Van drivers

Prosecuted – Automatically.

The A23 Traffic Lights at Brixton

Every Day

These Traffic Lights Loom

And Slow down my


They are almost as Bad as the

Buses which Block the

Route by Morleys and

The Pedestrians which step out

Without looking.

I (nearly) knocked one over


My Boss

My boss is a little Mad

I fear (at times)

I hope she is not

Reading this or my

P45 could perhaps

Be Imminent.


I once tried to write some

Lyrics, whilst

Watching Spooks on


But they did not


Or Rhyme

Heres a little poem I wrote…:smiley:

Lipstick dream

Have you seen her…or did I just dream her?

All leather and lace…with her lipstick face,

When she rides by my heart begins to race.

When she takes off her helmet…her hair tumbles down,

I love my biker girl from Camden Town.

She’s so hot, she really lights my rocket

Gonna steal her heart and stick it in my pocket

Hold on tight…’cause she needs taming

My hearts on fire……hell it’s flaming!

Anarchy reigns all around her when she rides,

She’ll send you reeling with one flash of her eyes.

Is she real …

or is it a disguise?

Have you seen her…or did I just dream her?