Wrist bands round Brake fluid resovoirs?

I know its to keep the fluid warm when its cold to help aid braking etc but does it overheat it when its boiling hot weather?

Makes ure bike look cool…

Does it not also draw water away from the reservoir reducing hydroscopic contamination?

I stand corrected you learn something new everyday

i thought it was race bikes, when a rider has two bikes identical.

he would put the band on his prefered bike to tell them apart.

didnt some guy get on the wrong bike recently xerox duke bike?

Garethruislip and Thanuts are both right, most road users have it just becasue it look cool

I use em because race bikes have em, and because it helps me express my individuality, or something Plus they’re cheap on eBay.

I’ve got one purely because i saw a picture of jays bike with one!!!

im not cool enough to have one, but when i am im getting a yellow one