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This is prince noir a crazy frence man who raced the Paris Peripherique, the 21 mile ringroad round Paris, with an average speed of 192km/h (120mph)wich results in a time of 11min and 4 seconds. The bike is a Suzuki GSXR 1100.

He was sadly killed trying to beat his lap time.

i bet someones done the M25 somewhere…

They’ve been racing the peripheric for years, there is some great footage from the sixties in a LeMans car.

Too many cameras on the north & south circ for us to play though…:frowning:

if i was about to get new tyres i’d to the m25 run at legal speeds just to see if one tank could make it. can’t be bothered to square off my tyres at the moment:)

from our friend Wiki:

The orbital nature of the motorway, in common with racetracks, lent itself to unofficial, and illegal, motor racing. At the end of the 1980s, before the advent of speed enforcement devices, owners of supercars, many employed in the financial service industry in the City and in Docklands, would meet at night at services stations such as South Mimms and conduct time trials. Times below 1 hour were achieved; an average speed of over 117 mph (188.3 km/h), which included coming to a halt at the Dartford Tunnel toll payment booths.

Nice post Shakey! R.I.P. Le Prince Noir - your spirit lives on.


Performance Bikes magazine did something similar a couple of years ago but did it as a 24 Hour endurance race. I think they used a ZX-12R and a BMW and one of the bikes managed a sub 60 minute lap :w00t:

Yep, 3 litre Capris and RS2000 Escorts were among the weapons of choice for the Tottenham Massive back in the day :cool:It was the North Circ before the M25 :wink:

A lot of people drove like nutters twenty years back - as 17/18 year olds my mates were regularly rolling their peugeot 205 gti’s and the like - I ended up crashed in a few country ditches too (not me driving), I’m sure things have got slower and tamer since then - what with the speed cameras and the criminalisation of speeding since then.


M25, 143 miles round IIRC, tough if the tank was a bit meagre. I don’t ride anything like as quick as 20 years ago, partly because of 3 wheels, partly because I’m 20 years older, but mostly because the roads are packed by comparison. Back then, I did London N5 to Dawlish, Devon in 3 hours with a fuel stop… 210 miles, a lot of London to get through and not much of the rest motorway - I’m not sure anyone could do it much quicker today on a modern bike. They call it progress…

Are you sure the Black Prince is dead? I heard it was just a ruse to keep Le Police off his back as he was looking at doing some serious time.

I dunno, call me a kiljoy, but the amount of people I know or did know that have been killed in accidents where one or more drivers was going way too fast for their ability…

I’m not sure about this.

Ironic that he was killed for precisely this reason. Personally I don’t think there’s much that’s very impressive about racing on public roads… I think it makes you a bit of a pillock really.

But like I said, maybe that makes me a kilojoy and I know that opinion will be very unpopular in certain quarters on this site.

So sue me…

That’s a quick time 7wheel - I often used to do a run down to Devon (Exeter).

I know what you mean Toby mate. If you watch the vid all it would take would be just 1 car to move out from in front of one of those trucks into his lane while he’s on the over/undertake and it would be curtains - he has absolutely no time to react to that (pretty common) eventuality.

I guess a 2 a.m. run would be significantly safer - but still highly anti-social all the same! :wink:

I thought you said he died trying to beat his own record… so I’d guess that’s all it did take.

So is he better off for having lived the dream and died young? He seemed to inspire, but now he’s dead… which is less inspirational…

Gost rider says he isnt but how would he know?

Not me. I’d never heard of the guy until I saw Shakey’s post.

Sorry mate, wasn’t you, it was Shakey that said it… my mistake


The film you’re thinking of is C’était un Rendez-vous, made in 1976 by Claude Lelouch.

It was definitely influential. More than 20 years ago I knew a number of racing drivers (F3 mostly) and some city hotshots who fancied themselves as Ayrton Senna. VHS copies of the film were prized.

It wasn’t as if any of these people needed encouragement to drive at very high speed on public roads, it just gave them some ideas about doing it in town.

Looking back with the perspective that comes with 40-something years and motherhood, I am deeply, deeply horrified and ashamed that, at the time, I enjoyed being a passenger and indeed an active participant in some really stupid activities on the road. That nobody came to any harm was entirely a matter of chance, not skill. Risking one’s own neck on a track or indeed a truly deserted road is one thing; risking the health and lives of people who have not consented to do so is criminal and rightly so.

Watching this guy cane it around the Periphique gives me the shivers. I’ve driven that road many times with my children in the car. They didn’t consent to that kind of risk. When I drove like a loon, I was just as disgracefully selfish.

Is he dead? Who knows. I can’t imagine anyone who does that living very much longer. Or maybe he is alive and just getting more sex?

K x