Wow... can this be true? Men are more dangerous than women?

sorry don’t belive it.


men take more risks when driving, but women are let down by spatial awareness and distance/gap judging etc.

as a result men have slightly fewer accidents, but the ones they do are major, whereas women tend to have more slow speed scrapes, parking etc.

it’s been documented for years, that article is just putting figures to it.


Also when we throw a ball it goes further and might actually take someones eye out rather than just limply falling to the floor…

Ha, they didn’t include me in one of my road rage moments.

Most incidents I’ve had, when I thought the car driver intentionally cut me up etc, it was a woman.

only because most blokes are looking at a bird walking down the road,and there hands on the wheel follow there necks.

i know because i did it in the 80’s on my xt550 down oxford street when i was dispatching.

i was flying along looking at a girl in a short skirt next thing bang traffic island

lol I can just picture you doing that!!

Women’s poor spatial awareness is due to them being continually told by men that

|<--------------------->| is about 6 inches

Bet that aint all about men that falls limply to the floor !!! And we dont NEED to throw a ball…we like to simply play quietly with some !!

I was thinking about why we have more slow speed scrapes and bumps, the only time I ever reversed my car into something was when my ex was directing me backwards - he really couldn’t judge distances.

That’s probably 'cos he was too smart to try & mention that your rear end was bigger than you thought…

Nah, I know how big my rear end is, he was just lucky and managed to make it out from behind the car in time, damn!

Thats brave…or stupid, cant decide which