wouldnt this be great ?

A second British MotoGP at the Silverstone circuit is unlikely to feature on the world championship calendar in the foreseeable future.

Rumours have been rife Silverstone has made a formal request to host a MotoGP race in the future.

But with Donington Park’s existing contract with Dorna including rights to host the British MotoGP event next season and 2009, the chances of a second UK premier class race being added to the calendar remain remote.

Or Silverstone’s much rumoured desire to stage the British MotoGP will have to wait until 2010 at the earliest.

Silverstone hasn’t hosted the British MotoGP since 1986, but now stages World and British superbike races.

But Dorna chief executive Carmelo Ezpeleta told MCN: “We have an agreement with Donington for two more years until 2009. To be honest we haven’t started to discuss anything with them beyond that.

“As for Silverstone, we are in contact with any track that wants to host a MotoGP, but it has to be a FIM homologated. Right now the only circuit in Britain with homologation is Donington.”

Camelo Ezpeleta said he would not completely crush hopes of two British GP races taking place, but added: “There is always a possibility. The situation where we make more than one GP in the same country is because one is not damaging to the other. This is important.

“For example we were in Mugello and then we tried in Imola and this did not work very well so we decided to finish with Imola. Now Mugello is very stable and now we have Misano on the calendar.

“A second GP in the UK to be honest is a little bit difficult but you never know. We always say the location of a GP is not a question of borders. It’s a question of interest. I think it’s unlikely to have two GPs in UK but if the situation changes we will be very happy to consider that.”

Dorna discussions are currently taking place with Silverstone officials, but that is investigating the possibility of forming a MotoGP Academy in England, designed to unearth young talent for the future.

Current British prospect Bradley Smith is a successful product of the MotoGP Academy but learned his craft in Spain.

Camelo Ezpeleta said: “We are in contact with Silverstone about a MotoGP Academy in England.”

taken from MCN site: http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/sport/sportresults/mcn/2007/june/june25-30/motogpsecondbritishmotogpunlikelysaysdornachief/?R=EPI-92314

Yeah awesome…really cant wait to watch MotoGP at a circuit which had a chicane designed by Mickey Mouse…or the fact in reality you only see half the circuit…well actually just them going past the bit your sitting at.

Brands Hatch now thats a mans circuit…cant see them going there then

Nope, not really, Silverstone is a horrible windswept place and the weathers almost always ****e.

On the other hand, i really wish Jonathan Palmer could find a way to get Brands Hatch homologated by the FIM, unlikely i know considering the run off requirements for Moto GP, but if Brands can Host WSB, why not Moto GP?

Moto GP, at Brands, i’d be 1st in the queue.

Silverstone International is too short, and the GP circuit is a bit odd for GP, but do-able. The circuit has loads of facilities and ample space, but it’s lacking in character I think. Brands is just awesome, but too short I think, and the grounds are WAY too small, it would simply never happen.

A shame. Perhaps we need a new circuit Donington is a complete joke of a circuit when you’re not on the tarmac, the facilities are atrocious, it’s a bunch of fields with no real amenities or services. Only the Media Center is any good and that’s brand new.

here here!!

brands is a quality race track an its alot easier to get to than donnigton. i think if the weathers bad nxt time i`l stay indoors and watch it on the telly wid beer in hand

Was talking yesterday to one of the guys behind the Silverstone bid to get the British MotoGP & the Academy set up there, he was pretty confident that they’d be taking over from Donington at the end of their contract term, rather than running a second British event.

According to him, the main factor swinging it their way is Silverstone’s superior garage & paddock facilities, providing them with much greater corporate schmoozing opportunities & consequently greater money earning potential, which lets face it is all that really counts at the end of the day.

Brands GP is actually slightly longer than Donington, and much better for spectators and atmosphere, facilities just as good and weather prospects usually much better.

Unfortunately, i think the run off areas still aren’t up to scratch by Moto GP standards especially on the back section out by Hawthornes and Dingle Dell. Unfortunately they can’t do much about it due to land issues and the close proximity of a large housing estate out the back, but i’d still love to see it.

Facilities? Brands doesn’t have any! The inner paddock wouldn’t even fit the garage trucks in, the media centre fits about 20 people in as opposed to a couple of hundred at Donington and there’s just nothing else of note at Brands, the land is tiny, but there’s loads of camping room in it’s favour.

They’d have to restructure brands if they wanted a GP there. The track’s good, if a little unimaginative for a GP circuit I think.

What facilities does Donington have that Brands doesn’t? Surely a circuit where most of the spectators can actually see the race is more important than a big room for the media to gather in?

Yes, the inner paddock is cramped, but there is also a massive outer paddock for the motorhomes etc. And why is the land size a problem, it can still pack in 100,000 spectators for WSB, a larger attendance than the Moto GP has ever achieved, so there is obviously no issue with size or capacity. WSB has just as large a demand for space as Moto GP.

I also don’t ever remember a 4 hour delay just to get out of the car parks at Brands like we had to endure at Donington last time we were there, and that was on a bike, in 32 degree heat, the primary reason i’ve never been back.

As for Brands being unimaginative, other than Cadwell park the GP circuit is undoubtedly the best this country has to offer and is perfectly suited to Superbike racing of any kind, although i have to admit i’ve never ridden Donington.