Would you.........

As the title says have you ever considered or actually hired a motor bike and if so what?

And how much have/would you pay?

I used Raceways in Rotherhithe a few years ago, they were ok. Their web site is at http://www.raceways.net/index2.php

Interestingly you can hire a Deauville for £70 a day or a 'blade for £90 a day. I think I know which one I’d be renting:)

I would like to hire a 916 to see what all the fuss was about, a 50’s british bike to see what they were really like, a turbo busa to change the way I think about speed :w00t: and maybe a fat Harley or cruiser for the day, just to experience it.

Hired a Royal Enfield Bullet in Delhi, Rode it home via Indonesia, Bristol and San Francisco. Oil was like treacle when we got home and surprisingly the hire company had no agents in Swaffham to arrange a pickup. No real problem, we left it in the town square with an onion bhaji tucked under it`s seat and got a lift back home. Lovely bike, happy times.

Dame Joan Bakewell, makes my heart swell with pride. Who says the establishment arn`t in touch wih the masses?

id like to hire a mv f4750 for a week. id like to ride a harley fat boy or the v-rod around america oh and maybe the iconic 916senna ltd edition that would be cool

I’d like to hire a 1098 just to see what a Duke is actually like to ride, PJ fancy doing me a day rate?!? :wink:

Ford Granada 3 Litre Ghia took me to Eastbourne in 1978, still there, no RAC membership.

Raleigh three speed with Sturney Archer gears, great bike, took us to the Isle of White Festival to see Jimi Hendrix. What a weekend!

RC30 to see how good they were or a CBX1000 just to see that 'kin great big engine :slight_smile:

and a mach 1 kwaka to see if they were that evil on the road :smiley:

At the minute I think there is one bike that I’d love to hire / ride

Ducati Desmo RR

I’ve only seen one on the road, I was at some traffic lights just off the start / finish straight at the TT races and I heard this gorgeous sound, looked over and there was this bike, it was stunning!! just looked at the fella and gave him a thumbs up and a nod…good on him for not just keeping it in his garage and ******* over it!

I seem to remember a place that was offering a Ducati Desmo RR for hire, for something like £500 a day or an hour, cant remember which, but it would be immense if I had £500 to blow for a day or hour! :slight_smile:

Slightly off track, but still motorcycle hire. Of a sort.

There’s a whole bunch of finance deals around from motorcycle manufacturers where you stick a smallish deposit down, pay not much for 36 months with an optional final payment of £ many lots at the end.

Or you give them back the bike and wave bye bye to what you’ve paid out.

Might be called lots of things but it could be called “hire”.

Looked at that way, you could have a Benelli Naked Tre 899 for £164.64 a month, or £5.40 a day. Er, no? Don’t blame you.

Seen similar deals on BMW’s, Buells and even Ducati.

Tempted by the last, but divorce is so expensive.


Just remembered another option (stunt) pulled by one of my less scrupulous friends (RIP) a fair few years back.

He’d go into a franchised dealer a couple of times “interested” in a bike that he’d sussed they had as a demo model. With a bit of chat and charm, a talk through figures for his “trade in”, and so on, he’d end up with a weekend loan of the demo bike.

Got away with that a few times a year for a few years before he got told to *iss off by every dealer in South London/North Kent.

His blag list included the best of the 80’s bikes and all for free.

My dad hired a harley wide glide for me as a birthday present 4 years ago when i was without a bike for a while.
Had it for 3 days,picked fishface up from school in birmingham and just cruised
round the peak district all weekend.
I did actually really enjoy it but it is a ‘holliday bike’ and i’m not sure i could live with one long term.
i think it cost £100 a day which would have been reimbursed if i had wanted to buy it.

KTM superduke…

if i could get a test ride on one i would, wont be long till i do, 10 months in on a new licence now…

i just wanna see how much of a hooligan teh bike is…

oh and a well sorted TL1000S too!:smiley:

So what would you expect to pay for a Day’s hire of a Blade/ZX10R/GSXR1000/R1 etc

What about a cruiser of sorts?

What about a weekend hire, pick up friday night drop back monday morning?

if i needed a functional bike for a weeks commute i’d maybe pay £200 for a 5 day week.

possibly pay the same for a long weeekends’ hire of a more desirable bike.

I’d love to hire a Hardly Dangerous and do the coast to coast thing across the US:cool:

Note to self:

Find a Ducati Multi Strada rental for next years fathers day. Cost? Who cares?

(Got to beat weeding!)