would you pass the british citizenship test?


no… I mean granted I’m half greek but the other half’s english so I would expect to know a few things…

This is the most ridiculous set of questions ever… they have no bearingon britishness or what citizenship actually means! You might as well ask them what topped the charts in Xmas 1989 (Band Aid II - Do they know it’s Christmas)… I’ve spoken to a few people so far and none have yet to pass… and some of these are public school, countryside toffs - as english as the game of cricket (well ok that may be a bad analogy… :stuck_out_tongue: )

What is the score required to pass?

Ahh 75% is the pass mark…I got 70%…


It amazes me that at UNI 70% and above is a 1st or Distinction… Yup that’s setting the bar low enough…

HA HA, Born & raised in England & I got 9 out of 20!! Uh oh!

We only got 15:crying:

Born and bred 12 out of 20…

Some are pretty daft questions

Get out of our country you failures.:slight_smile:

I got 11. I think I need to start studying if I wanna stay here :stuck_out_tongue:

Jetstream: ‘we’, does that mean you got an average of 7.5 each? :wink:

Yeah 7.5mm…Nob Size

No, 15;) (That’s standard British Imperial Inches to you un-citizens)

You can’t score 100% in anything that is science.

The highest grade possible is like 85%, so getting 70%+ is a damn sight harder than getting 100% in a multiple choice test.

Can I just add a f*ck you to this quoting system, the sooner we get rid of this crappy forum setup the better :crazy:

Trust you Stevey boy to post this one up… :stuck_out_tongue:

No I would not pass.

But then it’s obviously bollocks so I’ll not lose any sleep over it.

i’ve got 17.

can i have my british passport now? :smiley:

I didnt even get to the end

‘utter bollicks’ :smiley:

So I didnt pass. I am leaving anyway. The roads are better in Germany.

Ha ha ha…i got 8, but last year when i had to do the real test i passed it first time.

They give you a “Life in the UK” book to study for the test. I read through it once, did the test and passed.

The correct answer to many of the questions is “How the bloody hell should I know, who cares anyway, where’s my beer?”.

i felt quite ashamed i got such a low score, it has made me think though.

at the moment ive got an irish passport, and was going to reapply for the british one, however i dont think i could live with the shame if i didnt pass it.

how does it work anyway, it mentioned anyone applying for a british passport may have to do the test, but what happenes if your british born, british birth certificate, and fail the test? do you get exported? :stuck_out_tongue: