Would you mount a Camera inside your helmet?

With traffic as it is, I’m keen on getting a camera, just in case. I don’t fancy a great lump stuck on the side of m’head though.

I’ve been looking at board cameras and Micro SD Cams. They appear to be small enough to fit on the inside frame of my helmet. Has anyone tried doing this, what were the results? Thoughts on safety please…

TA! in advance.

People have had decent results with that cheapo keychain camera which is found on eBay.

The Helmet Camera master post is here — http://londonbikers.com/forums/810011/Helmet-Cameras

Ah, top banana!

Thanks very much.

I wouldn’t, no.

The people who design helmets spend a lot of time and money making them the right shape to slide along the ground without getting caught on anything (or they should!) and they design the insides to absorb as much damage as possible without transferring that to the skull. Despite many comments about the emptiness of mine, I’m still fond of it.

Putting a rigid item inside the helmet scares me and will continue to do so until I see some models of force transfer in an impact. I don’t want that rigid camera embedding itself in my skull when impact force is transferred to that object instead of distributed across my head.

I really want a camera, but until I can find a way to carry one safely, I’m skipping it. I’ve reviewed too many skydiving accidents where the addition or modification of gear caused a problem that wasn’t foreseen.

I know this is about where to put the camera - but on this subject in general I wouldn’t want my riding recorded as video - not because it’s dangerous or sh1t but because unless you ride like an angel there’s too much chance of incriminating yourself if you get involved in an accident and the old bill turn up and realise that you filmed the whole thing.

I do enjoy you guys on bike videos when you post them up though :slight_smile:

Hide cameras on the bike where only you know where they are. Bullet Cams work well or a mobile phone with HD recording capability :smiley:

In that case I might start using one myself :wink:

I wanted to mount the camera round my head area, as of course it would point in the direction you are looking. For insurance purposes, you might have a car go into you from the side, which a fixed camera wouldn’t see… …god forbid like.

I clip mine to the collar on my jacket. OK, it doesn’t turn with my head, but it’s pretty good.

Agree totally with anonymouslemming
I wouldnt have anything else in my helmet.

There are so many scenarios where it wouldnt help you in an accident claim and worse ones where it will actually cause harm to you physically

a good reason why you shouldnt…


I was just about to point that out to people who think helmet cams are the next best thing since sliced bread… THEY ALSO RECORD YOUR MISTAKES! DUH!

I do own the MD80 and I use I to record my riding as the guy who got banned did but unlike him the footage is for personal viewing not the whole world wide web including the law enforcers.

Only if you ride like a complete nob and then post the proof on youtube.

Ooooh THAT’S what happened to Wiffy! :smiley:

You’ve gotta admit he pops a good wheelie though :stuck_out_tongue: