Would you have seen this coming?

Yes or no answers please

It’s night time the road is well lit and you have your lights on which are bright but not blinding.

4 lane road, lanes 1 and 4 parked cars your in lane 2. A car parked car in lane 4 with it’s lights on does a u turn with you 20/30ft away leaving you next to no time to react.


20/30ft ain’t enough time to react and sufficiently brake imho - even going 30mph, especially in the cold/wet conditions we have now.

What speed were you travelling at?

I’m just trying to understand what happened.

30ft is roughly 9 metres,

25mph is roughly 11m per second.

I don’t understand how a stationary parked car (0mph) move 6 metres to pull out across your lane doing a U turn in less than a second, you would have certainly passed her if you were doing 20mph or more as she would have been building up speed.

Also it does depends what part of that road you are talking about, there are wider and narrower parts to it, if it was a narrow part she wouldn’t have pulled out as a fast as a bullet as she would have needed to stop and reverse to continue her U turn.

Also I wouldnt classify that road as well lit, but that is no excuse for her not seeing you, in fact it means she should have seen you better.

Not trolling here, just think maybe you have your figures wrong.


Also this road is a 20mph road, at 20mph I would expect to be able to stop within 30ft, official stopping distance for 20mph is 40ft and I still think your 20-30ft estimation of her pulling out in front of you might be incorrect.

Happens to me all the time at work, i’ve not had one accident let alone the amount you’ve had, and none of em your fault or could have been avoided eh?

seen it coming, no… surprised it happened, no

most of us would have had cars do u-turns on us, you just have to expect it to happen…

Fabio wow you live in the world numbers and not real life. Was on the brakes straight away and guess what the front locked up thanks to cold weather cold road cold tyres poor road surface.

Mel go fu.k your self righteous self 3 crashes 3 years 1 could of been avoided!

lol :slight_smile:

defensive aren’t you? 20mph road eh? Hmmmm you should easily be able to stop with 20-30ft of notice at 20mph without locking the wheels.

I dont need to go do one, you’re a rider who doesn’t use the correct skills, I can be self righteous, people spend all day trying to take out my car and really taking the p1ss, still don’t hit anyone, i do this with no wing mirrors too, because they are set for the driver not the passenger/instructor. On the odd occasion that i’ve had a close call it has been my fault for not spotting the body language/signs earlier.

Go and spit feathers somewhere else, i am entitled to my opinion :slight_smile: unfortunately, of you, its not a high one, ever since the ‘I’ve got mates who nick bikes thread’
Gonna get off here now, before i say something i shouldn’t, shame your mates haven’t got the balls to say you could ride better.

Ah right, sorry thought you collided with the car and then went to ground, wasn’t clear from your original post, what you did was the survivalist instinct of grabbing front brake, cant blame you.

You still haven’t told me what speed you were travelling at and I don’t live in a world of numbers but numbers are usually a good indicator of what went wrong.

Pulled away from the lights wasn’t Going hard was just a plod along get up to 20/25mph looking at the pictures I must of been about 20ft away as the bike slid for about 10 I won’t for about 3/4ft

Sorry to be pedantic shiver but it doesn’t make any sense to me.

If she started to pull out 20-30ft away from you whilst you were travelling at 20-25mph it means you would have just ridden about 10 feet past her before she crossed into your lane but since that didn’t happen what you are saying is you saw a car pull out 30ft from you and grabbed your front brake without knowing for sure if she was going to do a U Turn…but that cant be it either because you knew she was going to do a U turn and not just pull out meaning you were probably 50-60ft away from her to see her intentions but you were probably travelling at a much higher speed than 25mph which meant you grabbed your front brake the wheels locked up…I would find it hard to lock up my wheels doing 20mph, which is the speed limit on that road.

Anyway, the driver is to blame IMO.

id say she was at fault for doing a u turn without checking it allmost happend to me today but managed to just narrowly miss the front of the car its all well and good saying yes i would of stoped in 20ft but when it happens out of the blue its a shock and you kinda panic to be honest thats what i did today i just got lucky nothing you really could of done shiver i would of rather lose the front end and slid into the car then go head on into it the bike would of looked worse aswell and you would of ended up worse as you went down because of her she should be to blame and not you.

i say well played mate might not have gone to plan but you came out fine and you are better off then going head on into it

She started the u turn when I was 20/30ft away I knew i had to slow down and grabbed the brakes. The front locked instantly due to only being on the bike for 2mins cold roads etc.

Never had the front lock on me like that and I’ve given it loads on those brakes and tyres so I’m putting it down to the cold and poor surface.

That road is not marked or sign posted as a 20mph anywhere.

Seems a shame that you don’t have ABS, which would quite likely have meant you didn’t lock up and saved you from crashing…

shiver, if you are talking about Prince of Wales drive which comes off Queens Circus roundabout then yes, it is a 20mph road, its evident by the speed bumps and road markings.

Nooooo south side of Chelsea bridge my man

Mate, one of those things can’t say I wouldnt do the same thing in those circumstances.
I think like everything just reading the road as much as possible and not taking for granted anyone doing something stupid. Bit like that scooter thread… I would like to think I check the road ahead and wouldve seen that van pulling out whilst filtering and stopped in case he was pulling out. That being said perhaps when our minds are on other things perhaps we’re not as careful as we should be…

On my mind it was a clear straight roads no traffic no side roads lovely. Oh there’s a car there… Hang on its doing a u turn so close to me. Hit the brakes down I go simply as really. The front didn’t slide then go it went instantly landing me on the floor.

This thread is just to see if anyone else could say yes I knew that would of happened and they would of got away with it in those circumstances 100% no questions.

i don’t think you should beat yourself up over it,

however I do have a habit which I am sure many many many many MANY people find annoying, bikers, drivers, pedestrians, all alike, which is tooting my horn all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

i even got told off by none other than boris bléédin johnson for “hooting a cyclist”. point being the law says hoot to let other people know you’re there. this i do all the time.

ok all the time is vague. first i will say that there is not a single trip I make without honking. i honk while filtering, little beeps every couple seconds, when i see the car in front is not going straight, as if he’s changing the radiostation or something, when i’m about to overtake i beep too, i beep even when in traffic slowing down for a red light to “ask for space” to be let filtered through. i beep when i see a car waiting to pull out of a junction, or join the road from being parked and here i guess the crucial part is your detail of “lights on” . i think if i saw a parked car with lights on 50% chance i would beep.

i beep bloody cyclists all the time because many of them are just right in the middle of the lane in front of you and you have no idea which side to pass them on because the stupid things have no indicators and so nobody know wtf the dude’s gonna do.

i mean my thing is this, i only have 3rd party insurance, i am broke as broke gets, so if this £1.5k baby precious life of mine is damaged i will be so badly heartbroken i’d rather everybody thought i was a dick. obviously for most of you guys its different but for me the most important thing is to avoid damaging my bike. i managed to drop it only once, and it fell on my ankle in such a messed up way that actually only the handlebars touched the ground, the rest of the main body is scratchless. my leg was sore as hell.

i especially always beep when being in a bus lane means “undertaking” a vehicle. i just don’t trust anyone i’ve spent 2 years delivring round this town i know better.

basically yeah 99% will think i’m a tool but i dnt give a sh3it. i’m the same when driving a car actually, honking all the time… dno what you guys think

Retrospectively everything is super clear and decisions are easy to make so it’s a bit of a pointless thread imo.

That’s how they ride in South-east Asia! I did that a couple of times and it seems to help. The Highway code does say that you should use it to warn others of your presence! :slight_smile:

This thread feels like it needs a Thundercats laugh