Would you fit a...

Would you fit a baffle to your zorst for a ride out? I have been out looking for more roads for a SMBCR. I found some good ones but they pass houses that are right off the beaten-track. I figured that the regular route is on normal country B-Roads so our noise is expected/accepted, I would feel a lot better about our group using these lanes if we quietened our bikes for the ride. These lanes are being used by horse riders too so for the sake of 30secs to fit the baffles and those of us that like the noise, most of us use earplugs…


Do you have a baffle for your bike?Would you fit it for the ride?

What are your thoughts please?



I will fit baffle to make sure we are not nuisance on Sunday morning :smiley:
I (almost) always do when we do green laning.

New SMBCR route sounds intresting :cool:

what does SMBCR mean?

Yes and yes. I left the baffle in the EXC anyway.
The Superduke has a baffle but is still quite loud.

sorry, it’s a MBCR with a ‘S’ in front of it!:stuck_out_tongue:

SM = Soooooopa-Moto and BCR = Breakfast Club Run. If you look in the ride-out sectection you’ll see threads for The BCR. We go out early to avoid the traffic and most of us need to be back early (lunchtime) so we cant go Jetstreeming:(

ok cheer mate XD i dident even know what BCR was eather haha ill soon be joining you when i get my big sm in a few months XD XD

I would fit one.

I dont have one and the WRP pipe i have doesn’t have the ability.

Are there any baffles that can work on this type zorst??

Not sure what the exhaust is like, but most cans will take a baffle, you’ll just need to drill a small hole. They come in straight and bent type.



i fitted 2 db dawgs in mine and find it so much better than without them fitted.


I bought summit like this to do Brands Hatch:

I cut it about about to fit the current pipe but it went almost straight in the other one. It was about £12-£14? I really think it’d be worth fitting these to taking those other roads. If half a dozen SM’s start using those other roads I can see there being a real problem with what few locals there are around there. I guess that we may have to take the view like you do with track day noise limits?

yeah im game!

When you thinking of doing this smbcr?

Anytime mate, plus riders with other bikes could join in but we may be on smaller roads more of the time? I wasn’t calling on a ride but intend to take in those lanes. I’d do them instead of spanding the time in Rita…Rita’s!:Whistling: I’d happily take The Sofa down these lanes!!!:blink:


On Sunday I took “the route home from FF” to get out to FF to cut the journey time so i could explore, but started Gasing to a chap in Bosworths and was running late. I think that the lanes I took you and Siper may have been on in the past. as I said, theres some good stuff out there, I’d just feel guilty shattering the piece off-the-beaten-track unnecessarily and I feel there’s gonna be bad feeling with the noise. I saw 3 horses in that short excursion too!:blink:

Put baffles back in? :laugh: Doesn’t seem to compute :laugh: puzzled? :laugh:

Come off it you, like me you’re puzzled when asked your own name!:stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll know the lanes I mean. Out of Rita’s and over the humpback bridge, turn left as we normally do, but then the very next left before the national limit sign. I think Siper and MD have been along there?

There was no problem when I had my Arrow system coz I had a baffle to go with it - also it was of a pattern where baffles were easy to make. Different story with the Akrapovic that’s on the bike now - only workable remedy as far as I can see is a DB Dawg but nobody seems to sell them in this country anymore so they have to come from the 'states - talking about nigh on £50 per with p&p, too strong for me I’m afraid. Anyway the Akra’s nowhere near as loud as the Arrow was and it’s fairly inobtrusive when riding gently, so I’ll just ride gently if that’s alright? :slight_smile:

I dont own the road…I know having seen the way I use it you’d think otherwise, but the point of this thread was literally just that “would we be prepared to fit’em?” I didn’t even have a ride planned, I think it was just the look from the few people I did see there that my noisy presence was really not appreciated (and that was backing right off). On that basis if we decide to ride those lanes we me be better tolerated if we made less noise…

Lets look on the maps and organise a foray!:cool:

Guys you can get the Decibel Dawgs from Race Spec in tewksebury… www.racespec.co.uk

Not sure if they are n the website but they deffinately have them in the shop. If you do happen to phone them up and speak to a guy called Joe, tell him i sent you. He knows me as ASBO aswell as David