Would you buy an airbag jacket?

Hi everyone,

As a part of my electronics course at college i have to do a design project, and mine is for the trigger system on an airbag jacket. Most at the moment use a simple pullcord system where you pull it out, and the airbag goes off. I’m trying to design one with built in safety features.

I’ve got to do some research on the subject and thought you lot may be able to help me :D:D

Anyway, check out this link…


Would you be prepared to spend your own cash on that jacket, or one costing a similar amount of money?

Thanks in advance :w00t::w00t:

i’d set the bloody thing off each time i got off my bike…

Haha thats what my ‘innovative safety features’ are for… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got my own air bags :smiley:

Yes I’d get one, or probably the waistcoat that you can get that goes over your leathers and does the same job. I’d also probably set it off more than once :smiley:

No. Well, not unless I’d seen what happens to the wearers in a few real life situations.

I prepared to admit I may be very wrong, but I have a vision of bouncing down the road, without scrubbing off speed from sliding, 'till it I hit something.

Anyway, what do I need one for? I’m not going to fall off.

on the fence with this one - maybe

not entirely sure on the concept? i’m very interested in anything thats trying to make bikes safer though dont get me wrong…

Wouldnt 2 pullcords solve the poblem? One for the airbag thingy and a slightly shorter one tied to your ankle to remind you to unclip the main one if you wander away from the bike. :wink:

A recent vid : http://www.airbagjacket.org.uk/

Or maybe this one : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mo9Vlt5tGwY

Haha nice one :S

Thanks for all the replies people, and all the votes! Its going as i expected at the moment, but i dont have to hand the report in till next wednesday so we’ll see how it goes!


The concept with an airbag jacket is to protect your neck and back with the airbags in the collar and back. The one on the back is supposed to be shock absorbent and the one in the collar is supposed to stop your neck from moving too much if you crash.

I think you’ll find they’re called ‘funbags’, and they’re Mark’s! :w00t:

I’ve seen the tests on these. Personally, I’d give them about another year to improve development and lower the price a bit.

The problem is one of trust - if you wear one and come off, you are relying that the thing will fire. As opposed to having a physical bit of armour.