Would you buy a '66 plate or wait for '17

Took a Tracer 700 for a spin today and it’s the perfect all-round daily bike for me (had read in a review that it was the successor to the original Fazer 600 which was a bike I hugely enjoyed owning, and I reckon that this comparison is spot on).

This is going to be my next bike, but there’s no point in buying a '16 plate just before the September change.  Who would splurge on a new '66 plate bike in the run-up to winter (when I already have the use of a tatty but sound GSXR) or would you wait until the '17 plate in March?



What’s the benefit you’re hoping to get out of the 17 plate?

I bought a 14 plate a couple weeks before they changed. Don’t see the point in waiting. Purchase date is what it is and waiting for a week or so won’t change anything.

Having 6* instead of 1* won’t affect the selling price if that’s what you’re worried about, mileage and condition will.

If you want to wait for a "better"plate, might as well wait for a 70 one with that logic :wink:

How do you reckon the sterling-yen exchange rate will go over the next 6 months?

I am waitt for the 69 plate!

Good question, but where’s the answer that relates to none of the above?

Having had more than my fair share of vehicles that bear the latest in registration digits I can confirm that while the feel good factor of a good haircut only lasts for one day the feel good factor of having the latest in registration digits can last as long as 12 weeks!

Is it worth it, well taking into consideration the small fortune I’ve lost in day one driven out of the showroom depreciation combined with my reluctance to purchase Gap Insurance I will never again be allowed by her indoors consider the purchase of a new vehicle.

Have a look at this weeks MCN.  They rated the current Versys 650 as a better bike.

If you intend to keep it for years then the buy it now.

If you like your footie - 66 is the right answer.   Especially if you have any Scottish mates as every time they see it, it reminds them of that great summer.


Pat makes a good point.   Thanks to all the Brexiters, we will likely be paying a fair bit more for our bikes next year with the pound devaluing the way it is.  

Like it NT :-) 

Just looked on DVLA and its not listed


But that is!


Noted :wink:

What's the benefit you're hoping to get out of the 17 plate? Big Red S
when it comes to resale, it's better to say it's a 2017 bike than a 2016. 

Pondered a Versys for a while Kevsta but it doesn’t float my boat.  Not that the Tracer is much of a different bike but I’ve always liked Yamahas No.1, Hondas No.2, and Kawi & Suzuki don’t tend to feature on my radar.

^^ What you said me-groovy… It might be a keeper, but I get bored quickly so usually have an eye out for resale value just in case :wink:

I’m not splitting hairs over a few £hundred in resale, but it’s more do I want to buy my first ever brand spanking new bike on a '66 and not get much use out of it over the winter period (coz it’s new & shiny), or hang-off until the '17 plate is out, enjoy a brand new bike for the whole of the ‘riding season’, pile the miles on and then use it next winter more readily as the ‘newness’ has worn off it and I’m not so precious about it.  Either way, got a bike to use until Sept '16 or March '17 regardless… just that my poor back will have to suffer the GSXR for an extra few months if I wait  :slight_smile:

The preciousness of it won’t properly wear off until the first blemish appears.

I rode my brand new bikes in all kinds of weather. Winter, rain, summer, etc. As long as you wash them more or less regularly and perform basic maintenance they still look like new in years to come.

I tend to change them relatively quickly though, so don’t know what they would look like after 10 years but if you’re a “caring” person I don’t see why there would be any problems.