Wots happenin peoples!

Wots happenin people! Jus joined, it was about time, seeing as i visit the site whenever im online. Usually down at ace and soho on friday nights, know a few people and alot of faces. Ride a Hornet 600.

The website is deserted, no HI in one hour??

I’ll be the first one then.

Welcome to LB mate!

Welcome mate

I’ll second that!

Welcome to LB! You may have seen me at the Ace or Soho at some stage, on a very nice Vespa (I’m the LB Mod!).

Coming tomorrow to the Ace for the Toy Run? Departure 10.30am, though!

Welcome mate. Top folks on here and tis a good laugh (Paivi sings the Who if you ask nicely).


Welcome mate! Glad you came out of the bushes and became active! I guess the holiday season is here eh? People are starting to travel

Evening,welcome whats happenin were having a girls nite in! hope ur enjoying the website,merry xmas 2 all from us!

Hey Madmax, welcome to LB! Are you Charlie by any chance? Post up a picture of your Hornet in the members gallery thread, in the photos & videos forum! Enjoy…

Nah, im not, but i think i know the Charlie you are thinking of. He rides a blue hornet with loads of mods.

Yep, that’s him. I was chatting to him last night at the Inifinity evening, hence why I thought you might be him.

Hello madmax and welcome to Lb .

Welcome to LB mate


welcome to LB madmax!.

i ride a hornet too.

Hey Welcome Max & enjoy!

Welcome to the forum mate.



Anyone there?

oh, yes, Operator. Is that the ‘Ladies of Leisure’ ?


Well hello anyway.

Hello and welcome…