Wotchoo Loiterin' In Here For?

When you could be over here!

Because I have a small, underpowered bike! That’s why! :smiley:

Furry Muff - you gotta be the only LBer who can say that - limited to 31mph - who made up that stooopid rule???

All cool at college now? Coincidentally, I is listnin to the chillis right now :smiley:

Yeah, no one’s touched the bike since they got wind that there’s a CCTV camera watching the M/C parking bay.
I’ve now just got to work out a reliable system for disposing of boots/jacket/helmet/jeans when I get into college each morning, as well as transporting rugby kit to and from games! :w00t:

And I was listening to Chillis earlier. What album have you got blasting out?

I pointed WMP11 at the artist and let it rip - got Blood Sugar, Sex, Magik, By The Way, Californication and One Hot Minute on :smiley:

Inspired by me, of course… :stuck_out_tongue:

I been on a chilli trip for a few days now :smiley:

I’ve currently got a little bit of ‘So Much I’ blasting out of my headphones, with me trying to do air drums, guitar and singing at the same time.

I’m a talented musician you see. :wink: But this does remind me, I need to put all my RHCP albums onto my new iPod…


Can’t say I like formula rock at all.

Listening to Jeff Buckley’s only studio album :slight_smile:

Haha… One Hot Minute - formula rock? shame on you - you should listen to those albums before spouting critique :w00t:

I don’t think you can call ‘One Hot Minute’ anything… it’s sort of… a mishmash of words and sounds that just happen to sort of work together.