Wot colour Z??

Moody Black or Jaffer Orange

Neither the matt silver finish looks the dogs!

As I know you dont like it in silver I would say orange, take it from someone that has a bright yellow bike its good to stand out!


The titanium paintwork is nasty! I’d go black personally, followed by kwaka green.

Silver is It looks like a reps car

They don’t do Green and I wouldn’t get one if they did as Green is ferkin horrible one reason why I’ve never had a kwaka.

As far as i’ve been told its Silver, Orange or Black

Apparently, black is the new black.

My bro would say green but he’s a kwaka fan through and thru…

BLACK is where the smart money is going…

Think I’ll give Cubana a miss until I change the bike - a silver Z750.

I’ve always regretted not getting a black one!

You could pimp it up to look like this:


oi! - nothing wrong with a silver Z

And don’t worry PBZ - come on down to the Cubana and we can both look great

Jaffa orange…

Silver rocks!

Oh and Sam green is just utter utter utter complete crap!

Go black