Worth Fitting These Tyres?

The tyres on by bike are done for and are needing replaced.

I’ve got a set of Michelin Power Race tyres in the garage and I’m thinking about sticking them on for now until I get paid and sort out some new tyres. The tyres have been used by a rider in the Triumph Cup and are in pretty good condition with about 5mm tread on them.

Has anyone used them on the road? If so are they any good and are they alright in the wet?

Depends on how hard they’ve been used and the tread depth isn’t really a guage of tyre quality when it comes to tyres that are from bikes used mainly on track.

I’d be looking at the colour of the tyres…Yes, they’re black, but do they have a blueish tint to them?

From my understanding, this can happen if a tyre has overheated, and this can happen if the bike hasn’t been setup very well in the suspension department.

Tyres have a limited number of heat cycles (cold, hot cycle) before their ability to grip rapidly diminishes. I understand, the more track/race orientated the tyre, the less cycles it will have available.

I’ve used an old race tyre before and been fine myself, but it’s worth taking a good look at the tyres before fitting and getting the opinion of the fitter beforehand also.

The tyres aren’t blued at all, I’m pretty sure that they are in good nick. I’ll check when I go down to the shop to get them fitted tomorrow.

I was talking to a fella the other day who was on a gixxer thou. I noticed he was on Rennsports. When I asked him what they rode like on the road he said he slipped and slid all over for the first 5 miles. Take care on them mate:cool:

I took the tyres down to LJ motorcycles to get them fitted and bumped into our own tyre/suspension expert B!
He had a look and told me they look OK but he said the same as you guys, be careful for the first couple of miles on them :slight_smile:

Can’t recommend Les at LJ enough, very cheap fitting and good crack with it :smiley:

looks like it depends on whether they’re the softies or the medium soft


depending on what pressures you run, maybe run a few psi less/lowish road pressure to increase the contact patch and get them warmer? extra tyre wear wont matter much if you’re gonna change 'em soon anyway

They’re the soft front and medium soft rear.

I think Michelin recommend 38psi front and rear. B suggested about 34 and 36 so I’ll give that a go and see what they’re like.

They can’t be any worse than the bald, squared off Bridgestones that were on the bike :ermm:

No…But never, ever skimp on tyres…They’re a basic necessity and you should never compromise with them…I’ve learnt that the hard way.

If B thinks they looked ok then, they probably are though.

Have a good one.

I’ve picked up a bike recently with rather worn pilot power race tyres, so probably not the best example of their kind. However I don’t have much good to say about them at this time of year! Being track based they are meant to work when they’re hot. I mean really hot, like you have to be on a dry track to get them to work. I’ve not ridden them on track so can’t comment how good they are when being used for that, but I can tell you that if it’s damp OR cold they are RUBBISH! And if its both damp and cold then forget it. You’ll be waving that granny in a micra past. The worst tyres I’ve had in those conditions, frankly dangerous. Which rules them out as a road bike tyre for me, as you can’t control the weather. They may be great as track tyres, but they are way too temperature sensitive for road use. Even on spirited rides in the dry they’re not felt like they are gripping properly, which again I put down to needing track work to get them hot enough to be in the zone.

I’d get those hoops off ASAP and switch to a pair of Pilot Power 2CTs or Pilot Road 2s…They’re both amazing :wink:

Are you on commission ? ;):smiley:

Afro (13/03/2008)

I’ve just had 2ct’s fitted to my bike and they are just as Afro said… amazing

Do you have any new material? :wink: