Worst possible luck...

Image for a second you have an off, you wreck your beloved bike, get pretty hurt and are in the ambulance being rushed to hospital… then this happens:

Train hits ambulance at railroad crossing

Hatting/Germany (dpa) - Five people are hurt after a collision of goods train with an ambulance in Hattingen, North Rhine Westphalia. According to police, one of the ambulance’s rear wheels got stuck in gravel while attempting a u-turn on the crossing. The train crashed into the ambulance despite emergency braking. The ambulance driver, his medical technician and the patient were severely injured and rushed to hospital.

Talk about sh!t luck.

I never understood why people stay in vehicles when they’re stuck on train-lines. Is it like some Bermuda Triangle where some mystical force grips them and they can’t move? How unfortunate Reminds me of Sete Gibernau’s Ambulance after the pile-up recently, hitting a coach after leaving the circuit. It adds insult to injury, literally!

You would have to ask the vital question - What did they think they were doing trying to do a U turn on a railway line?

Thats serious bad luck.

Crap luck but there alive things can now only get better for them I hope

Or stupidity, as Chuffster points out.

god how awful, imagine hearing the train coming and seing it, it must have been terrifying!