Worst fuel consumption on two wheels

My Speed Triple 1050 has been great… lots of grunt, handles well (under 100mph anyway), like the looks. One happy customer.

But I’ve just found a little button on the digital speedo/multi-display thingy and it gives me two trip meters, an average speed since new, top speed since new :blush:, current mpg and average mpg since new…

My average fuel consumption over the past 5000 miles has been 20mpg! Un-bloody-believable! I hadn’t noticed that a £13 tank of fuel has only given me around 80 miles.

Please tell me that someone else gets consumption as bad as this!

My 600 on around £12 gets me 95 miles or there abouts from mostly town riding

Hmmm, that’s as bad as mine considering yours is 600.

I was sort of expecting around 30mpg, is that unreasonable? I push it hard, but still thought that 30 would be possible.

£7 of BP’s finest 98 get me 52 miles:crazy:

As the prices are now I can get out of £14.50 worth of fuel, 150 miles. (That’s when I’m being good and trying to conserve it lol)

I’ve known people with Honda SP2s getting theirs down to 12mpg :crazy:

Make you feel better? :smiley:

I get 80 miles before the light comes on:hehe:

Thats 17 Litres so whats that in old money?:cool:

A whole lotta shakin’ going on (per mile) :stuck_out_tongue:

Bigger Bangs for your Buck:D

I use earl grey…goes for miles :slight_smile:


I up jetted my KH500 and fitted free flowing filters…gets less than 15 mpg if i run her how she is meant to be run…mind you thats was 24 years ago…shes just a garage decoration nowadays until I find the time and inclination to finish her…the R1 will if I ride vigourously get 72 mpg out of a full tank…thats around 20 mpg too…however I did once see over 110 miles on her once…think thats was when she was running in…:smiley:

My Dax is doing about 10mpg at the moment and the bike does about 40mpg.

mine does great mpg when its on the back of the pickup :smiley:

That’s pretty impressive (imho, considering I get about that mpg in town on my 250 auto). Or maybe I DO need to go on a diet, and take that anvil out from the underseat storage :smiley:

Usually get around 190 miles till the reserve light comes on. Last couple of days have been a bit heavy on the throttle, got 171 miles. On the reserve light usually stick in 15L, tank capacity is 19L. Most I have ever had on a single tank till the last drop was 254.

Not bad for a CBF500

Yep, the Speed Triple is a bit of a guzzler! I certainly don’t get anywhere near 30mpg. I’ve noticed that the fuel light is pretty erratic though, can come on anywhere between 55 and 75 miles. I usually get about 90-95 miles out of a 16l tank, so that’s about 21-22mpg…

I get to about 120miles before the light comes on, on mine and get up to 45mpg from my 600 daytona and that is all commuting.:smiley:

My triple gives me around 36mpg and I’m not exactly sitting around. This is for my normal commute… On the open road it rises to around 45mpg. My FJ1200 would give 30-33mpg on the same commute. The fellow who bought it off me is getting some 45-55mpg…

I get about 120 miles from £12 worth of petrol with my CBF600 - all commuting in and out of London. I think that is about 40mpg