'Worst example of riding I have seen' blasts traffic police officer who says biker was lucky to survive...

What a joke ! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-15572769 As well as a 51-week jail term, suspended for two years, he was disqualified from driving for five years, following which he will have to pass an extended test. He also had his licence endorsed with 10 points, was ordered to complete 150 hours unpaid work and had his £3,000 bike and £150 camera confiscated.

Meanwhile, burglars get away with a slap on the wrist… Get your bike stolen and the police won’t give a **** … Justice is totally random ! Scapegoat anyone? This sentence is worse than what rapists and violent criminals get! FTP !

That isn’t quite true is it.

A. Repost
B. He filmed it and posted it on youtube, the ride starting from his house and ending at his house, with his helmet off when turning off the camera. There wasn’t much chance of NOT getting done!
C. He was lucky to avoid jail (due to extenuating circumstances)

As posted elsewhere, he should be locked up for pulling shoddy wheelies lol

Sorry, I looked and didn’t see any post on the subject. Where is it please?

Admittedly, not easy to find! :smiley:


yeah crap wheelies and nowhere near 150 mph :angry:

Not a patch on these guys ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_r-1t6D5E6U&feature=player_embedded#!

-1/+2 on top of factory speedo error…

seen worse at the ace on a friday night, :stuck_out_tongue:

Precisely! No doubt the guy is being victimised. Granted, filming yourself to and from home is not smart but it hardly makes him public enemy number 1… If you’re not going to speed on a m/bike, might as well ride a scooter !

A little harsh in ways but people have to remember that although it sounds like a bit of numpty thing to say, more people die in dangerous driving than in cases of theft each year. Unfortunately an old mate of mine severely injured a family in a car when he hit them over 100mph. It’s not really that fair to put so many people at risk.

If you’re going to come to the attention of the police on these matter they have to take action. Like don’t leave a dog alone with a steak if you don’t want him to eat it.

The guy is a prat and deserves to be penalized. Whether the penalty is fair, I don’t know.

I’ve long given up trying to understand how these things are judged.

Even a JP friend thinks the conflict between sentencing guide lines he has to work to for motoring offenses and criminal offenses are wrong.

Sounds about right to me for filming himself breaking the law and acting like a knob.

Should be an offense in itself.

blokes a total knob riding like that with stupid undertake/overtakes and the icing on the cake from the f*ckwit…overtaking the learner on the path !!! what if a kid ran out onto the path…plus he’s woken up the plod round here so how can I go out and play in partymode ?:slight_smile:

Yeh bit of twat that guy, luckily not all MK bikers are like that, thank god hes not in the MK bikers I am a member of!

Well yes, he does ride like a knob, and possibly that sentence was slightly harsh, but don’t film yourself riding like a cock, and also the guy should have more respect for other road users

Sorry Redline35 your not wining people over with your points of view, far from it. Personally, I’m all for people filming their rides but for pitty sake have some common sence.

If this knob filmed himself stealing your bike or braking into your house then posted that on you tube I don’t think you’d be so quick to jump to his defence would you???

OK, just watched the video and I have to agree with the majority of people on here. The guy was asking for trouble by…

a) acting like a knob by pulling wheelies in between traffic and riding on a pavement etc…

b) filming it all on his camera.

There is a time and place for riding like that. It’s one thing popping a wheelie over Chelsea Bridge on a friday night when ther’s no traffic, or doing a bit of filtering through traffic at a reasonable pace, but what he did was entirely reckless and put the other road users at risk. Simple as that really.

I thought whilst reading this that you were all just taking the mess on the wheelie front, but after watching it I am appalled. Those are some awful attempts at wheelies - setting a damned bad example :angry:

I see what Redline is saying though, I reckon the guy was a right prat but I don’t reckon the punishment quite fits the crime - especially on top of a 51 week jail term? I’m sure the guy will have learned his lesson before 51 weeks is up, but I’m no expert on such things. I just happen to know of a few cases of people caught with knives in their possession, and drug dealers getting less than that.

Still, I see the point about driving like this being more life threatening to people than shoplifting etc. but still… Hard to reason out I think