World MX: Spain, Bellpuig

LB roams once again and brings photos and a race report of the second round of the World Motocross championship. This time held at the Bellpuig circuit in Barcelona, Spain.

Weekend Report:


And this one is my favourite, by far; simply incredible! Can you imagine how soul destroying that wall of mud must be?!

Great shots in what must have been tough conditions but, there is one shot that is absolutely head and shoulders above the rest and would have made me a very proud chappie had I taken it, and that’s the one (above) with riders trying to get up the hill and failing. That really is awesome.

That shot is Sunday supplement front cover stuff and I love Jay’s War analogy.

If you don’t take any more shots this year, be rightfully proud of this one!

Indeed. I’ve looked at it a few times today and each time it’s hit me. It’s astounding.