World Ducati Week 2014 Misano - anyone else going?

just curious as I’m heading down there with the missus for a road trip.

Furthest I’ve ridden to to date has been the Le Mans trip with PJ so this is going to be interesting…

That’ll qualify for a SS1000 if you get it all done in a day :wink:

Selling mine so will be missing out again for another year.

Have fun and enjoy the ride, you should have decent weather all the way there :cool:

Would love to go, just as a matter of interest what what route you taking?

have a good time, you’ll love Italy :smiley:

dont know which route have you planned, but if you can get down to tuscany and cut through. you wont regret it :smiley:

Wanted to go to Missano for the GP, now that would be a trip! :slight_smile:

WDW is only every 2 years PJ so even longer to wait!

Route wise its basically a hack down the middle of france to avignon, then Route Napoleon to the coast. From there head to Genoa and head out onto the twisty roads to some random castle before riding to Misano. After WDW head up towards Como, then maybe lausanne before getting back for a wedding in Chichester.

One year I’d like to have longer for the run and just mooch around Italy, love it there and agree on the Tuscany front. Would like to explore more southerly and its just a question of miles and time.

its not going to take in as much of the ‘best riding roads’ i’d originally planned for but as first ‘distance’ trip and my missus not being a very experienced b-roader I’m fine to take it a bit casual and just enjoy the ride, food and as much wine as riding will tolerate :wink:

ahhh, i was hoping you would say you were coming down from the south of France towards Genova…you’ll have the best roads. very jealous.

just be careful over the viaduct as is a very strong winds area with no protection from the barriers whatsoever.

I went to Misano for the GP last year - any questions please ask!