Workshop manual for Honda CB650f

I’m trying to track down the above. Anyone know a good place to get one?


I may or may not know where to get it in PDF format… Covers the CB and CBR 650F '14 onwards.

As far as I know there isn’t a Haynes Manual out yet but having said that I haven’t looked lately.

What year?

Thanks - 2014. I have looked and can’t see a Haynes manual

PM’d you mate.

Awesome. Thank you

hi ya … did you manage to find anything … I have the cbr650f and aint been able to find one, only a dead link …cheerz…AL…

PM’d you @amphibianalf

your a legend …pukka…AL…

@TimmyFox I know this is a few years ago now but I’d sure love a copy if it’s still available.