Working with stainless steel

Any of you lot got experience/knowledge of working with this stuff?

It’s a pretty simple job of making a new rear brake master cylinder push rod so: 6mm dia. X about 75mm long, one end ground/filed to a dome and the other threaded for about 20 mm. A doddle in mild steel, but S/S?

I’ve got a choice of 303, 304 or 316 grade rod.

Can anybody tell me which is the easier one to hand work?

You need to select the grade not on how easy it is to work, but on how it will perform in the environment selected, i.e. which will provide the best resistance to pressure and resistance to corrosion.

Any of the grades will be miles better that the re cycled parts from old Indesit washing machines Grimeca use to do the job.

The point of the question is that it’s a waste of time me buying 316 grade if I can’t hand cut a thread on it.