Working V8 Engine Made Out Of Paper

Oh the patience involved in this but once it’s going, it’s pretty cool! 

This tiny V8 engine is small enough to fit in your hand, with a piston stroke of just 6mm and cylinders with a 5.5mm diameter. And it works! Obviously it doesn’t actually run on gas considering that it is made out of paper, but it hums along when hooked up to a supply of compressed air. 

tell you something, I never got toys like that out of my kinder egg!!!

That’s absolutely incredible. Who made it?

I remember a story once, about an American engineering company that made the worlds smallest drill bit.  They were so proud of their achievement, that they manufactured lots of them, and sent them off to other engineering companies around the world, to show off their magnificent feat.  Shortly after that, a Japanese company return the drill bit with a note saying something like, Congratulations on your drill small drill bit.  Please inspect carefully, as we have made an adaption to it.  The American company looked very carfully at their drill bit, only to find that this Japanese company had drill a hole though the shaft of it, leaving it completely intact.