Working up in Reading today, any good rides for the way home?

Would love to ride home on some A roads and avoid the M4. Huge plus if there are any good sights or noteworthy spots to pull over! 

I have lived in Reading for 40+ years and I am still waiting to find a good route or road :wink:

To be fair, the decent roads (A4155 for example) between Caversham and Henley used to be a fantastic bike road, but is now all 50 and 30’s

The A4155 between Henley and Marlow was another good road but the limits have been slashed on a good part of it, even around where I was raised in Sonning Common most of the good roads out towards Wallingford, Oxford and such like have been decimated…

You need to head west down towards Newbury before you start getting some half decent open road such as the A338 down towards Salisbury abd the south coast.

Depends in what part of london you need .
From Windsor you can head up past iver heath for Denham

Aye, head west, north or south. Towards London? No.

Where is “home”? You can have some fun in the Chilterns if it’s North London