working saturdays are over rated

stuck at work with no one buying any bikes or even looking at some :hehe:

need sleeeeeeep

Think of the discount you get there Barry. You can always chat up Sara :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah Martin there’s this months issue of mcm here with your face on the omc write up :slight_smile:

Sara bats for the other team

so u have a challenge then :wink:

lucky you have all day:D

I can come in and take a new R1 out for a spin if you like? :smiley:

Good luck chatting up Sara :wink:

your more than welcome on this wet drab day

Sunny here, but getting aviation withdrawl symptons, ah Kai Tak, perhaps it’s only having a 125 scooter to play with, sounds like a bloody sewing machine: missing the burble of the triples on over-run, not to mention ‘the need for speed’:w00t:The good,

The bad,

The ugly,

damn that rough landing looks horrible!!

what are you doing out in the sun when were stuck here with the rain

Wow Martin that is mental- have you landed there before? Why’s was it so difficult to get to, did the high rise come after the airport?

Because I’m too lazy to look for a job at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

Many times in the past when based in Brunei for 12 years, low level turn to line up and interesting crosswinds :smiley:

enjoy it while you can.

what are you doing out there and where is there?

hey martin…why dont we pop over to biggin some day and we can rent a 172:D


Mahon, Menorca; I have a small villa here I built in 2006.

and where was our invites?

no rest for the wicked }:slight_smile:

Where is work? We might pop by if it`s accessable:)

you know it BABE:D

infinity motorcycle clapham im only here saturdays

Nice place, bought my XJ6 Diversion from them in January as well as some Held textile gear. Nice bunch of helpful people to deal with :smiley: